Doctor Notes for Return to Work

Sometimes you are required to miss your work because you are ill or because you have a serious injury. In such a situation, even the thought of going to job kills you. No matter, you are a student or an employee of a company, sometimes you must stay at home because of not feeling well.

When you have missed your work and it’s time for you to return to work, you should know your company will ask you the reason for missing the work. Your company may ask you to provide the written doctor’s note that will serve as a proof that you missed the work because of illness.

The notes from the doctor are not required every time you miss the work. However, it depends on your company whether you should ask the doctor to provide you with a written note.

What is a doctor’s note?

A doctor’s note is a written document that includes a statement from the doctor stating that the person was ill. The detail of illness is described in the note. If the doctor has recommended the patient to take rest for few days for a quick recovery, it should be mentioned in the doctor’s note. This note is helpful for the person when he wants to take few days off from work.

When do you need a note from a doctor?

To use the doctor’s note appropriately, you should know when to use the note from a doctor. Every company has a different policy about doctor’s note. Some companies may not ask you to provide a doctor’s note before taking a day off from work. Sometimes, you are needed to provide a doctor’s note when you need to go on a long leave.

The short leave does not need you to get a note from a doctor. To know whether you should provide doctor note, you should visit the Human Resource Department of the company to know about the policies of the company regarding the use of note from a doctor.

Sample Notes


Doctor note for return to workI am writing this note on behalf of my patient [patient’s name], on his return to his work. The said patient was under my care from [date] to [date] as he was suffering from stark pain in stomach.

On examining him thoroughly, the reports showed that he was suffering from stomach ulcer which needed to be treated as soon as possible. That is why we admitted him in the hospital & initiated his treatment in no time.

Since I have mentioned the dates from his admission to discharge, it can speak itself if his statements about being absent from work were valid or not. If you need any further information about this matter, do not hesitate to contact.

Now I approve that the health of the patient is in pretty good condition. So, he can join his workplace & can deal his entire workload with a great ease.


Doctor note for return to workThis fit note is to certify that Miss [NAME] was brought to an emergency on August 20, 2017. I dealt with her case. She was lucky enough to get slightly injured in a bus crash. After providing her with the first aid, we decided to keep her under observation for next 24 hours to see if everything was alright with her. Now since we are done with her observation & complete checkup, I claim that she is perfectly alright now & can rush back to her work instantly.

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