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baby feeding and diaper chart

Baby Feeding and Diaper Chart

Feeding & Diaper When you have a newborn baby, so many things are happening too fast that it’s difficult to remember them all for your reference and the counter-reference of your pediatrician. Following a chart or maintaining a log makes it easier and helpful to make sure that your baby’s growth is healthy and normal. You not only need to...

dog vaccination chart template excel

Sample Dog Vaccination Chart

Put ease in your life to maintain your pet’s vaccination using┬ádog vaccination chart. Dogs are the most faithful animals that are known by the humankind, in the times of distress they are always there for you to cuddle up with and confide in. they have been also known as to be helpful in correcting the mental disorders in human such...

Daily Food Diary Chart Template

Daily Food Diary Chart Template

Daily Food Diary Chart Daily food diary chart is used to keep a track of daily food and calorie intake. This chart is generally divided into different food groups with respect to each meal i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Sections for weight tracking and notes are also included in this chart. Keeping a track of your entire calorie and...