Breastfeeding Pumping Record Sheet

Breastfeeding is the most important aspect of motherhood. God has bestowed women with this special quality of creating a tiny individual inside them and then giving birth to that living being allowing him to experience every adventure of this world. Not just this, women are given food for their babies for the first six months of their lives and even after.

Importance of breast milk

For the first six months of life, the human child is fed ideally exclusively by breastfeeding. Breast milk contains a number of important nutrients and immunoglobulins which make it ideal for a docile individual who is born with no immunity and zero capability to fight external ailments, infections, and attacks. Breast milk provides food, nutrition, and the ability to fight many diseases naturally.

That is why we have seen that those kids who are breastfed for six months exclusively and then later for two years of their lives are more able to fight disease and infection. On the contrary, babies who were bottle-fed or fed formula milk are not as strong in their bodily defense as breastfed kids.

Storage of breast milk

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the mother to be available for their kids for breastfeeding. This is especially a problem for working women who have to work long hours even after they give birth to a new life. Mothers have to leave the house and their newborn after spending their maternity leave. After joining the workplace again, they may want to breastfeed their child even then.

A simple and effective solution in such conditions is storing the breastfeed. There is an option of extracting the milk through the breast pump. This milk is then stored and fed to the baby when he needs a feed.

Breast pumping is also important in cases when the mother lost her child recently during term pregnancy and has to extract the excess milk from her breasts. This is to help her from the inflammatory effects of breast milk stored in the breasts. Mastitis is one of the most common complications in such mothers. So, they are advised to breast pump their milk and relieve their symptoms.

Breast pumping record

Talking about breast pumping for those moms who need to feed their babies with their own feed, they can store the milk and feed it to the child. A baby is fed according to a specific routine and breastfeeding is fed in the same way even if it is extracted and stored. However, it must be kept in mind that everything has an expiry date. The same applies to breast milk. It is advised that breast milk must be stored for not more than one day.

Breast pumping record is maintained for the same reason in which stored milk is labeled and used for the latter purpose. This log contains information about the baby and the mother’s milk extracted per day. The amount of feed given to the baby per serving is always decided according to age and requirement.

Breastfeeding pumping record

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