Baby’s First 90 Days Growth Tracker

The first few months of the baby’s life are very critical, and parents as well as doctors are required to take care of the baby more during this time. It is very important to monitor the health of the baby in the first few weeks because some infants develop serious health problems during this time. If a baby is healthy, his growth will be like that of a normal baby. The growth can be checked by using a growth tracker.

90 days.

What is a baby’s first 90-day growth tracker?

This tracker is a tool that is used by parents as well as doctors to monitor the health of the baby during the first 3 months of his life. During the first three months, the growth and development in the infant are very fast, and therefore, caregivers have to be sure that it is normal. The tracker is used to track the height, weight, circumference of the head, and many other aspects that can be taken into account to ensure that the growth of the baby is up to par. The tracker is used basically because it keeps people well-informed about the health of their infant.

How do I use a tracker to track the growth of an infant right after birth?

At the time of the child’s birth, doctors hand over a tracker to parents and instruct them to take note of various details in that tracker. This tracker can be in the form of software or paper. Once the tracker has completed the readings for one month, the caregiver can be asked to review it to determine if everything is fine. Here is how parents can use the tracker to achieve fruitful results:

Keep noting the weight of the baby every week

Since the growth of the infant is very fast in the first 90 days, parents are advised to take down the weight of the infant. When multiple readings are taken, parents and caregivers can see the variation in the weight which will tell a lot about the health of the baby. If it is found that the weight of the infant is not changing at a normal pace, doctors can advise changing the way an infant is fed.

Measure the length

A normal baby shows growth in height also. Therefore, parents or doctors should measure the height too. There is a specific standard that tells how much a normal infant is supposed to grow in the first 90 days. When parents compare their data with the standard value, they can easily find out if the development in the baby’s body is normal. 

Keep an eye on the circumference of the head

It is important to determine if the brain of the newborn is also showing growth at a normal pace. Those who have normal brain growth show normal head development. The change in the circumference of the head can be compared with the required change to see the brain’s health. If there is any medical complication, it can be spotted at a very early stage and doctors can suggest some best treatment options.

Track the newborn’s urine details

Sometimes, major health problems are spotted by the way a newborn passes urine and poop. So, parents have to record how often they change the diaper of the infant, the color, texture, and smell of the newborn’s stool, and some other details that can give a hint about the overall health of the baby because the doctor can see if the digestive system of the infant is normal or needs to be treated.

Record the sleep time

The growth of the child mainly depends on the quality of sleep in 24 hours. Therefore, parents are asked to record the sleep patterns of the baby. An infant usually spends most of his time sleeping. If there is some problem with his health or if the digestive system of the infant is not normal, there will be a disturbance in his sleep and he will need treatment.

Having a look at the sleep patterns of the newborn, the doctor can determine if there is anything to be concerned about and what can be the underlying cause behind it. Several things get resolved by the information of the sleep pattern recorded in the tracker. 

Baby's first 90 days growth tracker

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