Weekly Meal Planner Template

People who are on stick diet plans, they need a good weekly meal planner to maintain and to strict to it to achieve the desired results. It is such a work sheet that helps you in planning your weekly meal and to stick to this plan according to your diet requirements. This planner includes space for snacks, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Weekly meal planner can help us in two ways, in one way it can resolve our biggest issue “what to cook today” and in second way to maintain a balanced and healthy meal per week. The weekly planner template is helpful for normal people who want to plan their weekly meal menu and also for those patients who are recommended a meal menu planner to stick with.

As per your doctor’s recommendations, in a weekly meal planner, you can list down all the items including vegetables, grams, meat and fruits etc that are recommended by your doctor, against space given in front of each day breakfast, lunch and dinner. This way you won’t need to worry about what to eat today and it will be safe for you being a part of your doctor’s recommendations. The meal planner template given here has helped a lot of people because meal planning has always been a big issue in our routine lives and especially in cases where patients are involved. What to eat, how much to eat, what is healthy to eat all these questions were to be answered that has been made easy by this meal planner.


Here is a preview of weekly meal planner template

Weekly meal planner template

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