Vet Excuse Notes

A vet is a professional who practices veterinary medicine. This is done by treating diseases, disorders as well as injuries within non-human animals. A vet is important and needed when your pet is not feeling well. Their job is to help the animal or pet get better.

What is a Vet Excuse Note?

A vet excuse note is a note that the vet will give a person when their pet is not feeling well so they have to miss work, school, etc. For treatment, it may be necessary for this particular person to stay at home and look after the pet. An excuse note can be given so that this person can inform their school, work, etc., why they need to be excused from work.

What to Include in a Vet Excuse Note?

If you need to create a vet excuse note you can consider the below details:

  • Microsoft Word– The vet excuse note can be typed in Microsoft Word because it is a formal note and needs to be made in a professional way.
  • Details of the vet’s clinic– It is important to give the details of the vet’s clinic clearly. A logo of their clinic can be given on the note. The name, address, and contact details should be provided in case the clinic needs to be contacted. The phone number, fax, and email can be given.
  • Details of the vet– This will include the name, and qualifications of all the vets present at the clinic.
  • Date– The date that the excuse note is written should be stated clearly.
  • Note– Begin by stating that the person, give their name, is not able to or cannot attend work, the school from the stated dates (a place for the dates should be given). The reason needs to be stated clearly as well. It may be that the person has been excused because their pet experienced an emergency and so they were not able to go to work. Or it may be that the pet has some problems which need the owner to be excused from work to take care of it. The pet may need to have an operation on a certain date and so the owner needs to be excused. The reason should be given clearly. The dates that they need to be excused must be provided.
  • End– End by thanking the concerned individual and stating that if they need to contact the vet’s clinic they can do so freely. Therefore, the correct contact details should be given.
  • Signatures– It is necessary to include the signature of the vet and its designation. This will make the letter valid.

Advantages of the Vet Excuse Note:

The vet excuse note has the following advantages:

  • Is a formal way for the vet to inform someone’s boss, or teacher, that they need to be excused on certain dates due to their pet’s condition?
  • Is proof of when the person was not able to go to work.

The vet excuse note is a note that should be written clearly with the dates and reasons that the person needs to be excused, given.

Sample Vet Excuse Notes


Mr. ABC’s dog has gone through emergency surgery today. The dog requires extreme care by its owner for at least 2 days. Mr. ABC needs to take leave from the office to be able to properly care for his pet.

The dog’s medical reports have been attached to the note. You may call my assistant at (phone number) in case you require further information. 


Buddy has fractured a limb and will be unable to perform in the dog show on 12th November. You will find attached his X-ray reports and prescription. Please exempt him from participation in the show.

Vet Excuse Note Template

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