MS Excel Blood Sugar Tracker

Diabetes, as we all know, is the mother of all the diseases and morbidities. Diabetes is a clinical syndrome that begins with a merely raised glucose levels in the blood and this raised sugar slowly eats and kills all the other organs and systems of the body until a person is left permanently morbid and disabled leading to the death with misery.

I have always had the anxiety of inheriting bad genes of diabetes and hypertension and have witnessed the loved ones leaving us in the most miserable ways due to this chronically lethal disease. All of them had diabetes and all of them died of the complications of diabetes. And all of them died a miserable death that too at a very young age.

One thing was common in all my relatives who died of an unfortunate death at a very young age. They all never took their raised levels of blood sugar seriously until it was too late.


Ignoring the first ever and the most important sign of diabetes mellitus on which the whole diagnosis and management of the disease are based is in my opinion and an offense and our license to the misery and a door to morbidity.

Raised blood sugar levels, the first and most important sign of diabetes

So, raised blood sugar levels must always be monitored even if they are just for one time. You must be very careful and never take it for granted. This advice is especially applicable to the people who are genetically prone to developing diabetes mellitus at any stage of their lives. Most likely is that they develop diabetes at a very early age.

Blood sugar tracker

Tracking the blood sugar levels for the establishment of diagnosis and for the adjustment of the dose of anti-diabetic drugs is important and this process can never be overemphasized. Sometimes a person who is previously nondiabetic with no previous risk factors can also have a reading or two of raised blood sugars. In that case, you are again recommended to get a blood sugar tracker at least for one week.

How a blood sugar tracker works?

A blood sugar tracker is by far the simplest chart in the medical set up and is easily available for the use of common people as well.

Blood sugar tracker simply requires the basic information of the patient which includes, name, age, gender, and the primary diagnosis if any. Patients of gestational diabetes mellitus can also use this blood sugar tracker very conveniently.

After the basic information added on the top of the blood sugar tracker chart, we can appreciate some columns and rows which are designated for a specific time of blood sugar monitoring. For example, the blood sugar monitoring in a patient of GDM is often done before breakfast, two hours post breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

You simply have to mention the reading of the sugars you just measured through your blood sugar checker and after a day or two, you will notice a pattern in your blood sugar levels which can be used for the further management of diabetes.

MS Excel Blood Sugar Tracker

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