Medical Practice Survey Form

Medical Practice Survey

Medical practice survey is a form that is used by the patients to rate their visit experience to any medical office, doctor or physician. This experience is consisting of various observations like schedule of appointment, office arrival time, doctor, nursing staff, lab staff and overall attitude and behavior of staff. The medical office requests the visiting patients to give their valuable feedback on quality and timeline of the services received by them. And patients are promised to keep their answers confidential. Generally medical practice survey form is consisting of two main sections i.e. general patient information and scheduling your appointment. In the first section, general information about the visiting patient is inquired regarding their health condition, their concerns for privacy and the number of previous visits to the medical office.

In the second section i.e. scheduling your appointment, questions about appointment are asked. These questions include whether the appointment was made by phone or by personally visiting the office. Some other questions are that was it easy to make an appointment on phone and how much time was required in waiting to speak to a scheduling staff member. It is also questioned that whether the scheduling staff was courteous and helpful or not.


The reliability and accuracy of any survey generally depends upon the quality and specificity of required information. Variations can be found in the results of different survey due to many reasons. The data and questions mentioned on medical practice survey can be used significantly for important purposes. The medical practice survey can have other names like best practice survey and patient survey etc.

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Medical practice survey form

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