Sick Leave Letters

Organizations provide leave request applications to their employees to be able to record the applications categorically. They ask the employees to submit, before or after, sick leave letters to explain the reason for an absence.

Along with the sick leave, the employee must attach a doctor’s note as proof of the health issue the leave was taken for. This is especially the case for people who have to take long-term leaves. The note and application should consist of the reason the sick leave was taken and how long it would take for the recovery of the patient.

Leave policies to vary from organization to organization. Some workplaces provide their employees with different types of leaves categorized for individual reasons. For example, in some organizations, annual leaves and sick leaves are not counted as the same and so they have individual amounts for both types.

Employees are recommended to submit a sick leave application or at least inform their supervisor of the emergency leave as otherwise, the organization might deduct it from the annual leave.

The leave system also depends on the type of contracts the employees signed when hired by an organization. Small-scale organizations, part-time workers or employees working on hourly termed contracts have a different leave system to that of the employees with annual contract systems.

Organizations with employees working by the hours or by the amount of work will have a limited amount of leaves as they already have to be on duty for few hours or days, according to the work schedule.

Bigger organizations that provide permanent contracts give their employees different leaves for a different reason such as sick leave, half-day leave, annual leave etc.

One or Two Day off Sick Leave Letter




Dear Mr. Phillips,

One or Two Day off Sick Leave LetterI, Roger John, am writing this letter to inform you about my health and request a two-day sick leave from 3rd July 2018-5th July 2018.

I am suffering from a severe throat infection since yesterday. I am having a severe pain in my throat and am unable to talk. The doctor has provided me with the medication for a week (I am attaching his prescription with this letter). Luckily, the infection is not contagious which is why I will be able to return to work after I feel a little better. In case my situation does not get better, I will inform you beforehand.

There were meetings with only two clients in these two days and I have asked my assistant, Mr. Greg Smith, to either reschedule them or attend the clients himself. I am confident in his ability to handle all tasks in my absence. He will be in contact with me by email.

If you need any further documents from the doctor, feel free to contact me through email [Email]. I will highly appreciate if you grant me this sick leave.


Roger John.

A sample for long-term sick leave:

Dear ‘Name of supervisor’,

Long term sick leave letterThis is my application for sick leave. As I have been suffering from health issues, the doctor has advised me to accept treatment which will take some time to finish. Due to ‘details of illness’, I will not be able to perform my job well and so I request you grant me some time off work.

According to the doctor, it will take me at least [X] days to recover and be able to attend work again. I have also attached a copy of the certificate provided by the doctor for verification purposes.

I shall be obliged for your approval.


Name of employee,

Name of department

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