Babysitter Checklist With Schedule

Whenever you leave your child with a babysitter you give him all the information and instructions that are important and necessary for both your child and the babysitter. Along with baby sitter instructions list and baby sitter emergency contact list, you must hand over babysitter checklist with schedule to the baby sitter so that proper care of your child is done while you are away. This checklist for babysitter helps your child babysitter to keep a good track and follow up of activities and meals of your child in your absence.

The babysitter checklist with schedule starts with child name, time, place and date of babysitting. The main three columns include, schedule, food & personal care and entertainment and rest (record minutes). The first main column of schedule consists of time period mostly divided over hours. The second main column of food & personal care is consisting of meal or snack, bottle or drink, brushed teeth, diaper change and bath. And the last main column of entertainment and rest is consisting of outdoor, indoor, books, TV and nap. Babysitter checklist with schedule works as a babysitter notebook that contains all the information about meals, rest and other activities. This checklist can also be provided to schools or day care centers where you leave your children for most of the time in a day in your absence. This checklist with schedule acts as a complete guide for the baby sitter and you feel satisfied that your child will be handed very carefully as per given details.


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Babysitter checklist with schedule

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