Daily Infant Schedule and Weight Tracker

If you are interested in keeping a record of schedule and weight of your infant on a daily basis you need to do it in an organized manner. And for that purpose, Daily infant schedule and weight tracker is of great use and provides great help to the parents.

This template is helpful in tracking the feedings, intake, output, diaper change and weight changes of your baby on a daily basis.

This infant feeding schedule template is broken into time blocks on an hourly basis and it helps in measuring weight progress and in calculating daily averages. With the help of this template, parents can keep a record of each and every eating and other activities of their child.


Each page of this Daily infant schedule and weight tracker is having data for two days and also has room for recording times, amounts and lengths of feedings and when was last time the child had wet diapers and had bowel movements.

This chart is a perfect log to chart the weight progress of the child, if used properly. The visual of this chart is designed beautifully and is very easy to read and understand. The template is best suitable as weight loss tracker.

When the parents do not have much time and feel it difficult to remember all the details, printable Daily infant schedule, and weight tracker template makes it very easy to track all the activities including feeding, diapers, mood swings and sleep patterns of the child.

This template gives you a very fair idea about the daily routine and weight progress of your infant to judge that everything is going fine or something serious needs care and consideration.

daily infant schedule and weight tracker


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