Weekly Meal Planner Templates

Cooking meals every day can be tiring sometimes. It is really a tough job to decide three times a day about how to cook and what to cook. It is a full-time job, believe me, and most of the times leave the homemakers in the misery of this everyday tasking and planning.

At the same time, it is really important that meals are properly prepared and must include all the necessary nutrients needed for all the age groups present in the family. Well, this is the most difficult requirement to meet when we have a family of a diverse age group.

Why planning meals is important

Planning is the key to getting things done. Experts say that pre-planning thing always gives a better percentage of results than the tasks done without planning. Meal planning works the same way. You don’t have to think much about the meals every day when we have already planned our meal for the week.


All the family members know what they should expect before they come at home in the afternoon or even if they are staying at home. They don’t need to keep asking, again and again, to know what is in the meal today.

Pre-planning the weekly meal makes sure every meal is prepared according to the food and diet recommendations. It is also important to add all the food items in your food at least one time in a week.

Grocery becomes comparatively easier and saves us a lot of time, energy and bucks if we pre-plan and buy all the necessary stuff for the week. You have simply saved your time and multiple visits to the grocery shop especially if you are a working parent and don’t have enough time for the repeated visits to the fruit shops, vegetable vendors and chicken and mutton shop. This becomes a never-ending extremely exhausting task even for the stay at home mothers too.

All the time that is saved from everyday visits to the grocery shops can be very conveniently utilized in a more productive way. So, your day does not start with the vegetable shopping, but it begins by implementing the plan you had just made at the end of the weekend.

Weekly meal planner

The thought of saving time and using that time in more productive activity is so relieving that we have seen an increasing trend in the weekly meal planning among families.

Weekly meal planners are simple planners which can be very easily used by anyone. You are given a printed table or a chart in which the days of the weeks are mentioned with separate columns for the time of the meal. For example, for a Monday, you will be given three columns for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and you have to simply fill the box with your desired meal. Some meal planners have three more columns are given for three snacks. You can add the snacks for the week as well.

Weekly meal planner template
Weekly meal planner template

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