Wallet-Sized Medication Record Card

Compact, precise, small, and complete. This is the time of today’s world. We want information in our pockets, solutions on the go and life on our androids just a tap away. In short, a pin-housed powerhouse is what we demand.

Health experts are always trying to join the fast and furious race of being quick yet small. Although it is a proven fact that all the necessary information required as a basis of management of any disease is obtained by tireless efforts and quite an amount of time. But there is always room for improvement and experts to come up with wallet-sized solutions every time. That is the beauty of the human brain. It is capable of making everything possible that comes into his imagination.

Wallet, as the name indicates, is a small case with a world of information. It accommodates identity cards, driving license, debit cards and what not. With all those precious items, a person on some medication for chronic illness can also have a wallet-sized medication record.


Benefits of keeping a wallet sized medication record

A wallet-sized medication record helps in many ways. It may look tiny but it contains immense benefits.

  1. It helps a person to keep a record of all the medication he is taking.
  2. It can act as a reminder and helps us in taking medicine on time.
  3. It can help in making it possible for a person to never miss a medicine especially if he is on multiple drug therapy.
  4. It improves the compliance of the patient for all the reasons listed above. Compliance is the major issue in patients on long term medications and keeping a record in the pocket reduces this problem to a great level.
  5. You can visit your doctor anytime without the frustration of forgetting your documents at home.
  6. In case of emergencies, anyone can know your medication record and manage your emergency in a way better form.

Description of wallet-sized medication record

A wallet-sized medication record comes in a booklet form and is easily available. Some free printable wallet-sized forms are also available. You can get them and keep them in your wallet.

  1. It is like any other form and is filled by the patient for further reference.
  2. You have to mention your name and address and contact number on the top of the form.
  3. Doctor’s name is also mentioned in the form so that one can take you to the concerned doctor if needed.
  4. Then we keep the record of the medication you are on. Unlike a full-sized medication record, it does not come in a tabular form.
  5. The aim is to write as much information about the medication as possible without using a lot of words or full forms.
  6. But, it does not mean we skip one thing and mention the other. For example, we have to fill the generic name of the drug along with its proper dose and frequency so that you don’t get administrated the wrong dose.
Medication record card

Simi Karton

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