Letter of Gratitude and Appreciation for Medical Care

What is a gratitude and appreciation letter for medical care?

A letter of gratitude and appreciation for medical care is a formal thank you letter written by an employee or a group of employees and is addressed to the employer of the organization. It is intended to express the gratitude and appreciation the employee has for his employer for being considerate enough to provide medical care facilities.

Organizations often offer medical care facilities to their employees in different ways, such as:

  • Medical room on the premises.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Medical allowances.
  • Free check-ups, etc.

These fringe benefits not only save the employees’ money but also make them motivated and loyal, as the medical care provided by the employer indicates his consideration of the employees’ well-being.

Say thank you…

Employees often want to thank their employers for providing them with medical facilities, as a gesture to show their appreciation and realization of the employer’s care. One such way of showing gratitude is to write an official and formal letter of gratitude and appreciation for medical care. The employee may include different details, and make may it short or lengthy, depending on his priorities, his gratitude and appreciation level, his morale, the company’s medical care offers, etc. Don’t forget to add

  • Gratitude and appreciation and their reason.
  • Mention the medical care offers of the organization.
  • Mention any new benefit or service, if any.
  • Show happiness, satisfaction, loyalty, and motivation.
  • Mention the advantages of the company’s perks for the employee.
  • Appreciate the care and consideration of the employer, even can compare it indirectly with the other companies in the market, without being offensive.
  • Show thankfulness again as an ending note.
  • Salutation and signature.

For the employer, this letter is important as well, as it would exhibit the employees’ views of the company as well as their motivation and satisfaction. If the employees are happy, it means the employer is investing in them in the correct manner, and the employees’ higher productivity and health would ultimately benefit the employer in the long run. In addition, this letter also shows that the employees are courteous and realize the employers’ efforts.

Sample Letter



Dear Mr. Essa,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my whole department to show our gratitude and appreciation for your consideration of the employees, especially in terms of medical care. Although a letter would not suffice, it is a small gesture to express our thankfulness and satisfaction for being part of ABC Limited.

ABC Limited has always offered the best medical insurance packages for its employees, excellent medical allowances, and a well-equipped medical room in the office premises, and to top it all, the recent introduction of free overall checkups on a yearly basis has clearly shown the amount of money and care our company invests in us. We often ignore our regular checkups, and this new program will not only let us maintain our health but would save us a lot of money as well.

We are extremely happy and my whole department wants to extend their gratitude. We highly appreciate how our employers care about us and want to see us healthy and fit.

We would like to thank you once again for the medical care services you have included in our fringe benefits. We feel more motivated and loyal. We are glad to be part of this wonderful and considerate organization.


John Wilson.

Letter of Gratitude and Appreciation for Medical Care

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