Sugar Gram Calculator

Sugar gram calculator is a method to know that how much of sugar is contained in your favorite beverage, snack or breakfast cereal. Sugar is considered to be such a potential charges issue that even renowned institutes and departments do not prefer to give any recommendations.

For some reliable number, we can refer to World Health Organization. According to this organization, a healthy person should only get 6 to 10 percent of their total calories from sugar. That means that approximately 40 to 55 gram of sugar is being eaten by one person who intakes 2000 calories of diet per day.

Therefore to keep a record and balance of sugar in your diet, sugar gram calculator is important. It also means that if you intake fewer calories, you should be taking a less amount of sugar and if you eat more calories only then you can intake more sugar. The sugar calculator is helpful in calculating grams of sugar to be used per day by a person and can also be served as blood sugar calculator.


Sugar gram calculator is important to use to know that sugar is everywhere around us. It is included in our routine candies, soft drinks, added in our morning coffee, hidden in soups and frozen foods and even is part of health drinks that are considered and supposed to be healthy for us.

Sugar is sweet and is of no harm if it is taken with moderation but if taken in excess it can lead to overweight which can ultimately lead to heart diseases, diabetes, and kidney diseases.

Here is a preview of sugar gram calculator

Suger gram calculater


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