Power of Attorney Letter for Child Care

Re: Power of Attorney Letter

Dear [Name], I am writing to inform you that you have been granted the power of attorney to take care of my child [Child’s Full Name] while I am away, not available, sick, or having any such problem that keeps the child from parental care. The purpose of this is to ensure the well-being and proper care of my child during the specified period.

Please consider the below information about credentials:

Child’s Full Name: [Child’s Full Name]
Date of Birth: [Child’s Date of Birth]
Relationship to Me: [Parent/Guardian Relationship]

I, [Full Name], hereby grant [Recipient’s Full Name] the authority to act as my attorney-in-fact for matters concerning my child’s care during the period from [Start Date] to [End Date]. This power of attorney is being executed and recognized due to [You can explain the reason for the temporary/permanent transfer of child care responsibilities to the recipient, for example, travel, medical treatment, military/police deployment, work tour, etc.].

During this period, [Recipient’s Full Name] is authorized to make all decisions related to the well-being, health, education, and day-to-day care of my child. However, the decision should be collectively discussed and mutually agreed upon. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Medical Care: [Recipient’s Full Name] can seek medical treatment for my child, make decisions related to his health and nutrition, and provide consent for medical procedures if necessary.
  • Education: [Recipient’s Full Name] may enroll or engage my child in school or educational programs, participate in parent-teacher meetings, and make decisions regarding my child’s education whenever needed.
  • Financial Matters: [Recipient’s Full Name] can manage my child’s finances, including accessing funds for necessary expenses.
  • Travel: [Recipient’s Full Name] is authorized to accompany my child on domestic or international travels and make travel-related decisions.
  • Custodial Care and Management: I authorize the mentioned guardian to provide custodial care to my child, including but not limited to housing, feeding, clothing, cleaning, bathing, and supervising my child.

I reiterate that the power of attorney granted with this letter is TEMPORARY and has no potential for permanent custody of my child. It is limited to the specific period mentioned above. Also, all rights to modify or revoke this power of attorney at any time in writing are reserved with me.

The power of attorney stipulates that the [Recipient] act in the best interests of my child and exercise this authority as delegated to him responsibly and not without my consent. For legal reasons, I want to reiterate that this power of attorney does not take away my rights to my child. Moreover, I will stay in contact with [recipient’s name] and my child during this time to keep up my communication with my child.

You can find enclosed a copy of my documents that may be used for the proper care of my child during this time.

I close my letter by thanking you for your expressed willingness and pleasure to share this responsibility with me. If you have any further questions, problems, or concerns related to this document and the penned responsibility, please let me know by calling me at [Phone Number] or [Email Address].


[Signature & Date]

Power of attorney letter for child care


Re. Letter of Temporary Power of Attorney to [Name] for my Child’s Custody

Dear [Name],

I am [Your Full Name], and I work as a [Mention Your Job] in [Mention the Company/Organization’s Name]. I am not only a full-time worker but also a mother to a 7-year-old. I have worked day and night to keep up a proportioned balance in my life in which I can excel professionally and become a great mom as well.

My office organization is going to conduct a training session in [Name of city or state]. I have to fly to the mentioned place and stay with my team for [X] number of weeks. To care for my child during this time, I have selected my ex-husband [Mr. Name].

I, [Full Name], hereby, grant [Attorney-in-Fact Name] the power of attorney to act as the legal guardian of my child [Child’s Name] during my official tour. However, this power of attorney is effective from [Start Date] to [End Date], and the rights to revoke it earlier are reserved for me in case any issue emerges.

Kindly note that the [Attorney-in-Fact Name] is authorized to make all decisions related to the care and well-being of my child. It includes:

  • He will be authorized to provide medical treatment to my child whenever required.
  • He will be responsible for matters concerning my child’s school, studies, and other educational decisions.
  • He will provide food, clothing, and shelter to my child and will be responsible for any kind of discomfort the child faces.
  • He will also be authorized to make decisions regarding the child’s religious upbringing, only if the child agrees to
  • He will look after my child’s extracurricular activities and monitor his good and bad behaviors.
  • The recipient of the power of attorney will not make any decision that can cause harm to the child’s physical or mental health or that can potentially harm him in the future.
  • Any important decision will be made with my consent. However, the recipient is bound to stay in contact with me for matters concerning the child.

I hope that [Attorney-in-Fact’s Name] will act in the best interest of my child and will stay in contact with me to keep me informed. Moreover, I am thankful to [Name the recipient], who agreed to look after our child in my absence.

I hereby certify that I have granted the power of attorney to the mentioned recipient without any pressure, and as per my will, I understand that [Name of the recipient] can take good care of the child in my absence and will do his best to keep this promise. I am thankful to him and also pay my regards to the attorney’s office, which would approve the letter. If you have any questions or if I need to submit any other document, let me know. Thank you.


[Your Name]
[Email Address]
[Postal Address]
[Phone Number]
[Signature & Date]

Power of attorney letter for child care

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