Sabbatical Leave Letter for Higher Studies

It is not so common for people to go on sabbatical leave. People usually take off from work when they are sick or they have very urgent things to do in their life. Therefore, no one knows what sabbatical leave is like and what makes it important. As an employee, you are entitled to get leave from work whenever you are physically or mentally drained or you are not feeling like going to work.

If you are working in an organization but also want to pursue your dreams and the career of your choice at the same time, you can apply for temporary leave. When you have got admission to an educational institute, you can apply for a sabbatical leave.

People like to take this type of leave because of the many benefits it comes with. Some of them are:

It enables a person to take a break from work:

Many people don’t go for higher studies and don’t follow their dreams because they are afraid to lose their job. They have a kind of uncertainty in their mind that does not allow them to take a step and move forward. Due to this, people usually stay behind all their life. When a person gets an opportunity to go on a break for pursuing higher studies, he or she gets an opportunity to make his life better without losing the job.

Professionals find an opportunity to polish their skills:

No matter in which field you are working, if you are a professional person you must need to brush up your skills and knowledge in your area or field after a while. For instance, doctors often need to improve their medical knowledge as the knowledge in the field of medicine is growing exponentially and doctors are required to keep pace with this growing knowledge.

In addition, some fields also require professionals to keep up to date if they want to avoid redundancy. So, sabbatical leave is fruitful for those who want to give strength to their profession.

Organizations like passionate workers:

Organizations like to hire those people who have a never-ending desire for knowledge and who are always passionate to boost their skills and qualifications. So, when an employee wants to take leave from work because he wants to start higher studies, the company usually appreciates this effort and shows their willingness to wait for the worker to come back with an improved qualification.

It is the right step to apply for sabbatical leave?

In some situations, it is beyond doubt, a very useful step to take. You manage to not lose your job, stay relevant and improve your qualification at the same time. However, if you are going abroad and you are not sure if you are going to return, you must not take leave as it might your integrity if you fail to return. In addition, your employer will not clear your funds at the time of departure because you are just on leave.

Read the sample leave application letter given below:


I am Mr. Adams working in the IT department for five years. I am so proud to announce that I have got the scholarship of MS leading to Ph.D. in the University Of Ontario, Canada. It is like a dream come true as I have always aspired to be a part of that university.

I am so happy that I have got an opportunity to pursue my higher studies since I will be able to gain more skills due to the exposure to the industry. I would like to use those skills in my country’s industry so that we can also excel in the field of information technology. 

I would like to come back to work as soon as I finish my higher education. It is, therefore, requested that please allow me to go on sabbatical leave for two years. I shall be highly grateful to you. I am looking forward to your kind response.

Sabbatical Leave Letter for Higher Studies
Letter Template

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