Pregnancy Verification Letter Samples

Re. Pregnancy Verification Test Report [PVR-QA]

Dear [NAME], this letter belongs to the pregnancy verification of [NAME OF THE WOMAN] which has been confirmed by the [MENTION THE METHOD OF ANALYSIS AND TESTING]. [NAME] visited the laboratory to have a complete pregnancy test on the account of her last menstrual period on [DATE].

She visited the lab on [DATE] for the test. Hence, the presence of an embryo, which is 8 weeks old, has been found. The growth of the embryo is completely normal and nothing complicated has been found in the diagnosis.

The development of the heartbeat of the fetus shall be examined on [DATE] when the pregnancy shall reach 12 weeks old. Therefore, a test of the fetus’s heartbeat is advised on [DATE].

However, the first trimester of the pregnancy will be counted from the end of the menstrual period on [DATE], therefore, the Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) is seen as [DATE].

Moreover, during these days, you will be prone to experience certain hormonal and emotional shifts in your body, mental state, and skin. Many other changes will be experienced with time. You are requested to show the pregnancy verification letter to your consultant gynecologist along with a scan through the IVIX ultrasound report.

For the scan of fetus development, you can book your appointment by calling us at [PHONE] or booking online by filling out the form available on our website. You are requested to bring all the previous reports and doctor’s prescriptions with you for the next scan.

Moreover, do not forget to bring your ID card with you for a smooth examination. Thank you.

[Dr. Name]

Pregnancy verification letter

Letter #2

Re. Pregnancy Verification Test of [NAME]

Dear [NAME],

This letter serves as a verification of the pregnancy letter. On [DATE], you visited the clinic to get the confirmation test of your pregnancy accompanied by little pain in the abdomen and absence of menstrual period since [DATE].

According to the report conducted by [NAME THE DOCTOR] along with his team members [NAMES], you have 13 weeks of pregnancy. Hence, the fetus has a low heartbeat that can cause complications or lead to a miscarriage in its worst case.

Therefore, you are advised to go through a scan and get it examined by any senior gynecologist. Low heartbeat in the fetus can cause complications in the first trimester causing slow development of the fetus and a lower growth rate.

We refer you to the [NAME THE GYNECOLOGIST], who attends patients on our reference in [HOSPITAL NAME] from [XX: XX] to [XX: XX]. For an urgent appointment, please mention the reference of our clinic and [NAME]. We are hopeful that the issue can be resolved easily through instant care and proper medication. You are requested not to experiment with anything as the fetus is at its most vulnerable state.

We wish you good health and easy pregnancy to you. For further details, you can call our information department at [PHONE] or write to us at [EMAIL]. We have enclosed the scan report of the pregnancy and timeline with the letter. Thank you.

[Dr. Name]

Pregnancy verification letter

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