Authorization Letter for Pregnant Woman

Women who are expected are given special treatment no matter where they go and what they want to do. Their condition during the pregnancy is deemed critical and therefore, their health and medical conditions are kept into consideration before taking any step.

It is a kind of permission letter that is written to a woman who is pregnant. In this letter, the sender allows the woman to take a specific action mentioned in the letter. In most cases, the authority is given only to the GP of the pregnant woman.

The condition of a woman carrying a child is not normal. She has to consider her condition before she takes any step. For instance, if a working pregnant woman is asked to submit the vaccination proof, it will be required her to get the vaccination done. She will not be administered any vaccine unless she gets approval from her doctor. In this situation, she will be asked to seek permission from her doctor.

  1. When a woman gets the permission letter, she can get the procedure done for this she is taking the permission. For instance, if she wants the vaccination to be done, this letter will allow her. This way, she saves herself from the risk of contracting the virus.
  2. In some cases, this letter can also be written as proof of pregnancy. When a woman does not have her medical report with her, she can show the consent letter.
  3. The consent letter gives the woman peace of mind as she can be then sure about the fact that she is physically fit and therefore, she has been allowed to take a particular course of action.

Great things to add to the letter…

Use the letterhead:

The permission letter is always composed on the letterhead of the hospital to which the doctor belongs. This shows that the letter has come from the official source and it should be treated as a genuine document.

Examine the reports of the woman carefully:

Before you allow the woman to go for any kind of procedure, you must go through her reports carefully. Remember that it is very critical to give authorization to a lady who is carrying a baby to go for any sort of procedure. Due to this, you should never do it without confirming that she is physically fit for the said purpose.

Mention what you are authorizing her for:

The authorization letter is always specific and it does not allow an expecting woman to do anything she wants. If her GP has allowed her to get the vaccination done, this letter can only be used for this very purpose. It is the responsibility of the doctor to ensure that she/he has mentioned the only person she is being authorized for.

Give your contact details:

If the person needing the authorization letter wants to know anything else about the permission, you should be easy to reach. For this purpose, you should provide your contact details at the end of the letter.

Below is a sample letter that has been written by a gynecologist of a woman to allow her to get jabbed.


To Whom It May Concern

I, Dr. (Mention your name), head of the gynecology department in ABC hospital authorize Mrs. XYZ to take vaccination for COVID-19 after carefully considering her medical and pregnancy condition. She is completely fit for administering vaccines. Therefore, she is allowed to take full two doses of (mention the name of the vaccine) in her second trimester. It is hereby stated that she is allowed to go through the only course of action that has been mentioned above.  I or the hospital will not be responsible if she uses this letter for any other purpose. 

I appreciate Mrs. XYZ’s concern about the vaccine and her efforts to curb the spread of the virus. Please call on the official phone number of the hospital to know more about this.

Authorization Letter for Pregnant Woman

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