Dentist Excuse Notes

A dentist excuse note is a letter or document prepared by the dentist for his/her patient so that the patient can be excused from his duty or responsibility for a certain period of time. When a patient has a dental problem or issue, he visits a dentist. Depending on the nature of the issue, the person may not be able to attend school, work, meetings, etc.

As dentists are considered responsible and professional people, their notification or a document prepared by them is considered valid and holds significance. A dentist note is considered an official notification that the patient has visited a certain dentist and is suffering or has suffered from a problem. The organizations accept it and excuse the absence of the person. The employers often keep the dentist notes in the employee record book and the schools keep them in the student files for any future reference.  

Sample Dentist Excuse Letter for School


Dear Principal,

This is to notify you that Jill William, a student in 4th grade of ABC school, visited XYZ Dental Clinic on 4th April 203X at 3:00 p.m.

She came directly from her school with a complaint of severe toothache. After examination, I informed her that she immediately needs a tooth extraction. The procedure could not be delayed due to her condition, so we extracted it on the same day.

However, she is in severe pain which might continue for a few days. As her dentist, I suggest she rest for three days and request you excuse her till 7th April 203X.

I am attaching her prescription and other related documents with this note. If you need any other information, contact me at [TEXT].


Matthew Steven.

Dentist excuse note for school

Sample Dentist Excuse Note for Work

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this note as a dentist of Mr. John Green to notify you that he is having some dental issues for which he needs treatment on an urgent basis.

Mr. Green visited XYZ Dental Hospital on 12th May 2019 at 5:00 p.m. Being the dentist on duty, I attended to him and found that the reason behind the recurring pain in his teeth was an infection that requires treatment.

As he informed me that he had an important meeting on 13th May 203X for which he has to delay the treatment at least for a day, I gave him an appointment for 14th May 203X. However, his treatment and recovery would take at least a week.

I request you excuse him till 18th May 2019. For any other details, contact me on [TEXT].


Jenny Will.

Dentist excuse note for work

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