Psychiatrist Excuse Note

Visiting a psychiatrist is no joke. Many people are faced with mental challenges and it is better to get help for this. A psychiatrist is regarded as a physician that specializes in psychiatry, i.e. the branch of medicine, which is concerned with the diagnosis, prevention, study, as well as treatment of mental disorders. A psychiatrist can help you if you suffer from this.

What is a Psychiatrist’s Excuse Note?

A psychiatrist’s excuse note is a note from a psychiatrist that due to your mental disorder, you are not able to go to school, work, participate in some activities, etc.

What to Include in a Psychiatrist Excuse Note?

If you need to make a psychiatrist excuse note you can consider the below details:

  • Microsoft Word– This is a formal document and should be typed. This can occur in Microsoft Word.
  • Details of the psychiatrist’s clinic– It is necessary to know where the physiatrist works. You can include a logo on the note. The address can also be stated clearly so that this is known.
  • Date– The date that the note has been written needs to be given.
  • 1st paragraph– The first paragraph must state the name of the patient clearly. This is important. Tell that the patient experienced a mental crisis on the date given above. You need to tell them the condition that they are in and that the professional psychiatrist has checked them out.
  • 2nd paragraph– In the second paragraph tell that the psychiatrist feels that the patient needs to be with family and should rest so as to get better. Tell what the treatment will involve and why they should refrain from going to work, school, etc.
  • Dates for when the patient is excused– In the third paragraph clearly state that the clinic feels that due to the patient’s condition, they need to rest for how many days. State when the treatment program will be from and when. If there is a follow-up appointment, give the date for this as well. In the last paragraph, you can give the date that the patient is expected to return to work and their activities.
  • The ending– End with something like “Your assistance is appreciated.” Then give the name of the clinic and the post of the person who has written the letter. It may be the director or the psychiatrist themselves. The signature is needed so that the letter becomes valid. The post of the person can be stated fully in the end.

Advantages of the Psychiatrist Excuse Note:

The psychiatrist’s excuse note has the following advantages:

  • Helps the psychiatrist explain why a certain patient needs to be excused from their duties
  • Can be kept by the place that the patient works as proof that they were not well on the stated dates

Mental illness is serious and should not be taken lightly. If someone is faced with this, they should get help from a psychiatrist. If the psychiatrist feels that they need to be excused from work or school, then they can give them a note.

Sample Note -1

Please excuse XYZ from work for a week owing to his mental health issues. He has been suffering from mental stress due to work pressure. As his psychiatrist, I have recommended a break from the office along with medication. A copy of the prescription is enclosed.

Kindly approve the requested leave for XYZ. Through your cooperation, you will help him alleviate his stress so that his energy and productivity for you can be reinvigorated.

I may be contacted at the provided number or email ID in case of any queries. 

Sample Note -2

My patient Jane Doe is suffering from clinical depression. I have advised her to take a vacation as part of her treatment. She, therefore, needs medical leave from the office.

Her reports have been enclosed. Please contact me at the provided number for further information.  

Psychiatrist Excuse Note Template

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