Fit to Fly Letter from the Doctor

Sometimes, we have some sort of health issues that don’t allow us to travel especially via airplane. When the situation is critical, our physician tells us to not fly until we get back on to the road to recovery. In some cases, we need a written note from our doctor which confirms that we are ready to travel.

It is an official letter issued from a doctor’s clinic allowing us to travel. This letter tells us that we are physically fit and that we can travel now without any fears.

Oftentimes, we need this letter for our satisfaction. But, there are certain situations in which we need to submit this letter somewhere. For instance, if we had some sort of medical illness that could make us put our life at risk by traveling, our employer might ask us to come with a letter from our physician. By this, he will confirm that the employee is fit for traveling.

During the time of COVID, the importance of this letter increased exponentially. When patients are back to their routine work after having stayed in isolation for a while because of being active carriers of the virus, they need to prove that their physician has declared them to be healthy.  

People usually need to travel by plane when they have to commute over a long distance. Some people have such health issues that cannot allow them to remain on the plane for many hours. So, they need to submit their letter to prove that their health condition is well and they have been given permission to travel.

For instance, if a woman is pregnant and she has been restricted to travel a few weeks ago, she will have to show this letter to prove that she is physically fit and can commute.

This letter also acts as a certificate from a doctor because, in it, the doctor confirms the patient’s good health. So, the doctor can provide all the information that someone might need. Some main details added to this letter include:

 Description of the doctor:

The information of the doctor matters a lot in this letter as it describes how authentic and trustworthy this letter of fit to fly is. This section includes information like the doctor’s name, qualification, name of the clinic or hospital, and contact details of the doctor.

Description of the patient’s health:

In this part, the doctor should tell about the medical health of the patient. The doctor describes here what the patient was going through and how he has been given the treatment.

A statement of fit to fly:

In this section, the doctor tells that the patient is physically and mentally healthy to travel via plane. If there are any risks involved, they should be mentioned in the letter. Here, the doctor can also refer to the medical reports of the patient that have confirmed that based on results, the patient should be allowed to travel via plane.


A readymade note written by a doctor is available on various websites in the form of a template. Those who need to get one can download them, edit them to make them fit in their particular situation, and print them on the letterhead.

This template is usually found in MS file format and can be edited as per the user’s convenience. You are not recommended to use it if you have some serious health issue.

Below is a sample letter issued by a doctor to his patient who was initially restricted from traveling and now is being allowed to travel because of her health which is getting better over time.

Sample letter:

To Whom It May Concern

I, (mention the name of the doctor), allow Mrs. ABC to travel based on her following medical credentials:

  1. Medical tests
  2. Urine test reports
  3. Ultrasound
  4. Blood tests

Mrs. ABC can also take part in other physical activities such as mild to moderate level sports and physical exercises.

Fit to fly letter from the doctor

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