Mental Health Excuse Letter for School

Mental health is just as important and sometimes more important than physical health. Due to mental health issues, some people are not able to function properly. This includes students as well. To get better it is important to pursue treatment. This treatment may involve the student having to take time off school so that they can rest and get better. It is a student’s responsibility to let their school or teacher know if they have missed classes due to this. This should be done in a formal way such as with the help of a mental health excuse letter for school.

A mental health excuse letter for school is a letter that can be written by a psychiatrist excusing a student from school due to a mental health crisis. The letter helps the teacher know of the condition that the student is facing due to which they need to be excused from school.

A mental health excuse letter for school is an important letter as it lets a psychiatrist inform the school of the patient’s condition. The letter can be kept in the records of the school to know why the student was absent on certain days. This letter is a formal way to let a school know of a student’s mental health issues. It shows the teacher that the student is facing a real problem.

If you need to make a mental health excuse letter for school you should write it carefully so that the reader takes it seriously. The following points can be considered here:

  • Details of the psychiatrist: The letter should include the name of the psychiatrist and their address.
  • Here you will tell the name of the recipient and their address.
  • The reader can be addressed with “Dear Sir/Madam”.
  • Begin by telling the name of the patient. Inform the reader that they are facing a mental crisis on the stated date. It is necessary to let the reader know of the condition that the person is facing. Tell that they have been checked by a professional psychiatrist for this. You can let the reader know that it is important for the patient to take a break from school so that they can get better. Gives the date for when it is likely that they can return to school.
  • State the name of the clinic, and your post, and give your signature as well.

A mental health excuse letter for the school must be written formally and professionally. There should not be any spelling and grammar errors here or else the letter will not be taken seriously. This is why it must be proofread carefully before sending it. Make sure that the format of the letter is a formal one also. The letter must be written in a convincing way and can be backed with proof of medical reports.

Sample letter for school:

I am writing this letter to inform you that my patient (name of the patient) and your student is suffering from (tell what mental health condition they are facing at the moment). It has been advised that they take some days off school so that he/she can get better.

(Name of the student) will be able to resume normal school activities on (give the date here). I have enclosed his/her reports with this letter.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact my secretary at (give the number here). You can do this from (tell when they can contact you).

Mental Health Excuse Letter for School

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