Physical Examination Report Form

A medical examination is performed every month and also once a year. The purpose of the examination is to keep an eye on the physical condition of the person. People who are going through complicated medical conditions such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases are advised to get them examined once or twice a year so that the progression of the disease can be kept under check.

Different organizations perform a physical examination of their employees once a year to determine the wellness level of their employees. Doctors are called to perform physical tests.

What is a physical examination report form?

This form is used to design a report after collecting data regarding the person’s physical test. People also use this form when they have to start a new job. They fill in the details in the form, and then, based on the report, it is decided whether a person qualifies for a job or not.

People who are already working for the company are given access to this form that they are required to fill out, and then the report is shared with the company.

Why is the annual physical examination report form important to use?

The form collects information about the physical examination of a person. Based on the information collected, a report is generated. This report tells whether a person is healthy or needs any sort of treatment. For example, a company performs physical tests on drivers who work for the company. The annual examination of the driver tells whether the driver is still fit for the driving job or not.

What is the use of the physical examination form?

Here are the main uses that every organization using this form avails of:

It helps in generating the report:

There are numerous details collected in the form. It is not usually easy to get a result from the details collected, as they are in the form of scattered or unorganized data that is very hard to organize and base our findings on. When companies use the form, they don’t have to depend on doctors to generate the report. However, if the report has to be shared somewhere, the doctor can be approached.

It is helpful in the renewal of several documents:

Certain types of jobs require a license, such as being a driver. When drivers have to get their licenses renewed, they will be asked to get their annual physical examination done. After seeing the report, it will be decided whether the license should be renewed or not.

It helps the company see wellness:

For an organization to run smoothly, the health of its workers is very important. Employees should be healthy and in good shape when they work for a company. To determine whether the employees are healthy or not, a physical examination is done.

By annual examination, we mean a thorough and complete physical test of a person. This includes an examination of the overall body to see whether a person is fit for a particular job. This way, a company can work on the health and wellness of its workers and promote a healthy workplace.

The form makes the report quickly:

The report tells whether a person is healthy and fit for a particular purpose or not. This report is very important for those who are looking for people who are physically fit and healthy. For instance, various security agencies hire physically fit people.

So, an aspirant needs to prove that he has no medical or health issue that can become an obstacle in the way of smooth working in a company as security personnel. You don’t have to wait for a long time to get the report as the user can easily generate a report based on the data provided by the user.

What does this form include?

There are various empty fields in the form that collect information such as weight, height, medical history, allergies, and much more. The form also collects information as to whether an employee has ever had any surgeries or operations in the past. These details are important to collect, as they contain a lot about the overall health of a person.

Physical Examination Report Form

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