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Physical activity is the mode of keeping one alive while he is breathing. By alive, we mean physically, mentally, and psychologically sound. Being physically active is a blessing whose importance when mentioned may require tons of kilos of paper and yet they cannot finish.

Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise

  1. It brings about a great change in your lifestyle.
  2. If started at an early age, can be the source of developing really healthy and otherwise good habits.
  3. It keeps your heart healthy and young way. Keeps shedding off the extra fats and harmful triglycerides from the vessels and keeps the flow normal to and from the heart.
  4. It acts as a very effective anti-depressant which is cheaper than any other drug and better than any other therapy.
  5. It helps in better breathing and if done in the early morning under green trees, it can act as a therapy to the lungs and ultimately the whole body when the body receives pure and regular oxygen.

Ideal duration of physical activity

Children and adults equally require a certain amount of physical activity every day to achieve the benefits we just mentioned above. Ideally, adults must manage to do around 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every week.

Types of Physical Activity

Four types of physical activity have been identified so far which act in different ways to cover the overall requirement of a healthy body. These four types are;

  • Aerobic activity

It utilizes a maximum number of ATPs and increases the heartbeat of a person. So they are good for the heart in a way and quick calorie burn down. Examples are, running, jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, jumping in place, jumping jacks, skipping ropes, and many others.

  • Strength Training

It increases the strength of the muscles and overall stamina of the body to perform more activity.

  • Bone Strengthening and stretching

These two are also a part of physical exercise and they also help in improving joint mobility and flexibility respectively.

Physical Activity Tracker

A physical activity tracker is one the very effective ways of keeping an exercising person on track and providing data for analysis and interpretation of effective exercise types on the body of an individual.

These physical activity trackers are available in printable as well as software form. you can find thousands of mobile applications which help you in tracking down your activity and guiding you for further strategies as well.

  • Whatever type of tracker you use, there are some basic points followed by all.
  • The name of the person and the week for which we are tracking our physical activity is filled in first.
  • At the beginning of the tracker, you can add your goals for this week and also for a specific day of the week separately.
  • Two separate columns are separated for aerobic activity and strength training. You have to mention your daily goal of the day and how much did you achieve out of it.
  • you can also add the intensity of aerobic exercise and the number of reps of strength training.
Physical activity tracker

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