Miscarriage Letter to the Manager

This is a letter in which a female employee informs her manager about the miscarriage she has gone through. The purpose of informing the manager about the miscarriage is to take leave from work. Women usually get maternity leave a few months or weeks before their delivery. However, they can also avail sick leave if they go through any trouble. 

When can a woman write a miscarriage letter to the manager?

A woman can write this letter when she hears the painful news of her miscarriage, and her doctors advise her to take a rest. She cannot take a leave from work without informing her manager. This is the reason she writes a letter to her employer and lets him/her know about the miscarriage. 

When a woman has to take a rest on the advice of her doctor and she has some work-related commitments to fulfill, she should communicate her problem to the manager. The manager has to take many steps with regard to this application including finding a replacement for a week, assigning important deliverables to someone else, and much more. This letter is also kept in the file of the employee to keep a record of total sick leaves taken by her across the year. 

What should be included in the stillbirth letter to the employer?

The main components of this letter are:

Details of spontaneous abortion:

It is important to inform the manager at the very beginning of the letter about the miscarriage. This will also mentally prepare the manager as he will guess that you must not be in very good health to come to work. 

Discuss your health details:

You must have been facing going through some serious health complications that lead to severe outcomes like miscarriage. The reader must have understood this when you informed them about it. However, if you explain your health in detail, you give strength to your point. While you are describing your condition, discuss what your doctor has prescribed to you.

Make sure that you don’t exaggerate when you are discussing the health matter with the manager. Also, don’t try to add technical terms to the letter since the manager will not be able to understand them. 

Make a request:

Once you have explained everything you thought it important to convey, it is high time you came to the main point. Now you should ask the employer for sick leave. The duration of this leave depends on the recommendation letter from the doctor in which he has clearly explained the recommended period of rest you must take. After you have made the request, mention the date on which you would like to return to work. 

Close on a positive note:

In the end, communicate your expectations from the supervisor. Tell him that you will be grateful to him if he allows you to stay at home and take care of your health. When you close the letter appropriately, you successfully make an impression on the reader as some people only remember the starting and end of the letter and forget the remaining part. 

Some women feel embarrassed when they have to write to their manager about their miscarriage. The following example letter can be used as a reference and assistance. 

Sample miscarriage letter to boss:

With due respect, I would like to inform you that I have gone through a miscarriage yesterday. At this unfortunate moment, my health is very poor, and I am unable to move. It has become difficult for me to combat various health issues at a time while keeping a balance between my personal and professional life.

Considering my condition, my doctor has advised me to take a rest for at least a week. I hereby request you to sanction me the leave for a week. I will be able to join the office again on 28th January 20XX. 

I will be very grateful to you for this act of kindness. 


Miscarriage letter to the manager

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