Infection Control Consent Form

Consent forms are used to get permission from people before taking any step that involves that individual directly or indirectly. Another type of consent form is the infection control consent form. Different organizations organize an infection control program in which they require different people to take part and play their role in controlling the spread of the infection. These forms were widely used during the time of the pandemic when the coronavirus hit the world.

What is an infection control consent form?

It is a tool that is frequently used by organizations when they are starting an infection control program, and they want to make sure that every single person in the organization is aware of the measures that the company will take to control the spread of the disease. When they sign the consent form, it means that they are aware and accepting of the fact that measures are important to be taken. At any later stage, they cannot object to these measures. Companies usually use these forms because they want to prove that they comply with the rules and regulations of the state.

How do I design an infection control permission form?

If you want to create a unique form for your organization, you should consider the following tips:

Give information about your organization:

No matter who is designing this form, it is always represented before people on behalf of the entire organization. So, those who are asked to give consent usually check from which organization the form is coming and who they are allowing to take measures. Therefore, you should always mention the name of the organization and the logo it uses.

Consent clause:

Just like any other consent form, there should be a clause that collects the name and signatures of the person who is filling out the form. It clearly states what consent is about. The statement given in this clause is very clear and easy to understand. When you are writing this statement, you should make sure that people can understand it very well, as there is no technical language used in this statement.

Description of the measures:

People are often unaware of the consequences of their consent if they do not consider things and ignore them. Due to this, they often face dire consequences. This makes people insecure, and they are often afraid to give permission and show their acceptance. Therefore, organizations describe the preventive and control measures that will be taken to curb the spread of the virus. The description also lets people know what they will be asked to do as a participant in this control program. In general, the form includes measures such as:

Steps to take for maintaining good hygiene:

The form describes what steps the participants will be asked to take to maintain good hygiene. This often includes washing hands every hour, making use of sanitizer, and much more.

Information about the vaccine:

If the infection can be controlled with the help of the vaccine, participants are asked to get vaccinated. The dosage and other details are provided in this section.

Details regarding interaction with each other:

If the infection spreads due to touching each other, this part of the form will describe how social distancing will be maintained and what steps people will take to make sure that the disease is not spreading.

Duration of the consent:

People who have to fill out this form should know for how long their consent will remain functional. The consent usually lasts six months or a year.


At the end, the signatures of the person giving the consent are taken. Once the signatures are collected on the form, it becomes an official document that can be challenged in court.

When you create this form, make sure that you have designed it according to the right format. The format of an organization may vary from company to company depending on its personal needs and preferences. The language of the form should be easy and understandable. You can also use a template when you want to get access to a free and easy-to-use form that does not require much effort or time from the user.

Infection Control Consent Form

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