Driving License Application Form

Driving an automobile is a very difficult task because not only it requires concentration but it also demands precision and awareness of road safety rules. Every year, a fraction of people succumb to death because of irresponsible and careless drivers. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to drive and get licensed by the government to make sure that you are aware of all rules as well as driving.

A driving license application form is a document that is issued by the government to driving candidates. These forms collect information about the candidate and take their driving tests to ensure their driving skills are good and they are safe to drive an automobile. A driving license is an official document issued to an excellent driver by the government after the candidate has passed his driving lessons with flying colors.

Every citizen of a country can acquire a driving license after passing driving tests that are arranged by the government. These licenses are applicable for driving anywhere in the country and save you from many troubles while traveling. Application forms are filled out prior to taking driving tests to allocate your position for the test. Each day, thousands of candidates appear for tests and only some candidates have honed their skills driving while others just try their luck.

Components of the form

Application forms for driving licenses and usually simple and are mostly filled by the candidate themselves. These forms gather information about the candidate and are submitted with nominal fee charges.

Information acquired through application forms is mentioned below,

  • Personal information: name, age, date of birth, profession, qualification, place of birth, address, and father’s name of the candidate is asked to be filled out on the form.
  • Contact information: mobile number and email address are filled so that administration can stay in touch with the candidate during the licensing process.
  • Driving lessons: information related to joining a driving school or learning driving from professionals or a family member are added to make sure that candidate is aware of driving and road safety rules.
  • History: application forms include questions about the candidate’s involvement in any accident or if he acquired a driving license earlier to make a case for the candidate.
  • Medical history: it is important to mention all sorts of medical conditions which can affect the driving of the candidate and cause problems for other road users.

After the submission of application forms, these forms are reviewed by licensing community and approved candidates are called for a driving test. These tests decide the fate of each candidate because these tests are designed to confuse candidates and observe their reactions. In addition to driving, rules of driving and knowledge of road signs are also tested during these tests.

Why it is important to have a driving license?

Application forms for a driving license are considered important for the following reasons,

  • It allows every citizen to trust the process and acquire their driving license.
  • It is a fool-proof method that judges the driving skills and provides a license if the candidate is worthy.
  • Various driving schools can be affiliated with the government to teach driving to the learning candidates thus, helping in building a safe community.
Driving License Application Form

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