Pet Health Record Sheet

Pets are friends of humans. These tiny little fellows are always by the side of their owner as a companion. They love us, stay with us and cheer us up during our low times. We always find ourselves happy and away from the worries of life while we spend our time with pets. They are just like little babies who love to play with us.

It is also natural that pets get sick and they also go through illness and suffering. In their low time, they need us, and we have to make sure they never suffer from any disease just like we make sure our babies don’t get sick.

We must take our pets to the doctor for regular checkups. We need to take care of their overall health and condition. We are also supposed to make sure our pets are properly vaccinated. If by any means, the pet gets sick or catches some disease, we need to take care of them like our child.

Similarly, we need to maintain a record for the pets too. A properly maintained pet health record can be required anywhere from traveling to selling. Those who are in the business of selling pets know the importance of keeping a pet health record.

What has to be mentioned in a pet health record?

Certain things are important to keep mentioning in the record regularly. Let us have a look at a standard pet health record form. This will help you keep important things in your mind if you plan to have a pet.

Pet health record begins with the proper identity of the pet. If it has some name, do mention it with the name of the owner. The owner’s name is also important because it helps in establishing identity in a much better way.

Identity also includes the color of the pet, and the type of the pet whether it is a cat, a dog, or a turtle. The breed of the pet is also very important in the pet’s information section.

The date of birth of the pet, its age, and any other identity specifications are mentioned in the earliest part of the pet health record form.

The name of the doctor and the facility name, address, and contact details are also mentioned here. Similarly, the name, address, and contact details of the owner are also mentioned for follow-up.

Just like we keep a record of our doctor’s visits, we have to keep a record of the vet visits of our pets too. All the visits are documented with details. Why the visit was planned, what were the pet’s complaints or illnesses, what were examination findings, and the management done by the vet is also mentioned in the form.

The most important portion of a pet health record is the immunization history of the pet. All the necessary vaccinations have to be administered in time. Similarly, a history of allergies to anything is also mentioned. If your pet is allergic to certain drugs, food, or environment, you have to keep that in the record.

Pet health record sheet

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