Child Health Screening Chart

Children are the most delicate and beautiful gift from God. They are born with a natural delicacy and naturally pull the attraction of people around them. While growing up, they are also exposed to multiple stimuli and external factors which can affect their health in a bad way.

Healthy and happy children are the aim of parents. Parents always struggle to make sure their child is having proper food as required according to his age. They are always trying to make sure kids have well slept and they are getting proper time for sound and quality sleep. They are always finding ways by which they can make sure that their children perform well in studies as well as extra-curricular activities.

It is a proven fact that regularity and punctuality are always the keys to getting desired results. The same rule applies in the case of health. It especially applies to children’s health. As a matter of fact, children must be introduced to healthy habits right from childhood which helps them maintain that healthy regime throughout their life.

Similarly, having a complete checkup of your child on a regular basis is entirely important. Regular visits to the dentist, pediatrician, and then ophthalmologist make sure that the child is being monitored for his health. This helps in the prevention of teeny tiny health issues and timely management of issues if arise by any luck.

Let’s have a look at the regular visits a child must have to his doctors.

Visits to dentist

It is usually recommended that a child must get his first visit to his dentist as soon as he starts teething. Normally, babies start teething as early as 6 months of age and that is the time when he has to visit their dentist to have a thorough examination of their oral cavity. After that, the baby needs regular visits as per the dentist’s advice.

Even if there is no issue in a child’s dental hygiene or oral cavity, parents must consider taking their kid to the dentist every six months. This is just to make sure that everything is going fine.

Visits to pediatrician

Your pediatrician is the only person you can go to have a proper idea of your child’s general health. A child sees his doctor right at the time of his birth and needs to visit regularly as long as required. If everything is fine and the doctor declares the child perfectly fine, parents are still required to bring their child to the pediatrician after every 6 months.

Visits to ophthalmologist

Visiting an ophthalmologist is also important because proper eye checkup keeps us reminded that the child needs intervention whenever needed or signaled by the doctor. Children are so much into gadgets and their screen time has increased a lot. This has made them prone to refractive disorders at an early age. So, surveillance and intervention are always required to make sure things come back on track without wasting too much time.

The following chart has been provided by the American Academy of Pediatrics that you can make use of to get health screening information for your child.

Child health screening chart

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