Emergency Contact List Sample

When you have to leave your child with a babysitter you need to be very careful about the emergency information you provide the babysitter. Always make a habit to leave an emergency contact list with your child’s babysitter to make it sure that he must know who to call and where to call in case of any emergency. Although a number of instructions are passed to the babysitter while the parent go away but emergency information is of most importance. Emergency contact list is solely made and maintained for having emergency contacts whenever required. A babysitter must always be responsible to be ready and prepared for any kind of emergency situation. Although the parents should provide this list to the babysitter but in case they don’t, it is the responsibility of the babysitter to ask for it.

The contained in this emergency list include local contact name and phone number, out of station contact name and phone number, next of kin name and phone number and relationship with the child, work contact number, name of the physician and phone number, name and phone number of neighbor, landlord or home owner, other emergency contact person name, emergency contact number, police contact number, ambulance contact number, fire department contact number, gas company contact number, electric company contact number, water company contact number and poison control department contact number. All the names included in this Emergency contact list must also have alternate contact numbers so that in case of emergency if primary contact number is not working, alternate number may be used.

Here is a sample preview of the emergency contact list sample


Emergency contact list sample

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