Emergency Contact List of Kids for Babysitters

The job of a babysitter is to take care of a child when his parents are not around. This is really a tough job and only responsible people are given this responsibility. In general, the babysitter does not face any problems and this makes taking care of babies more fun. However, there can be some instances when a babysitter will have to rely on someone else for help and support.

Babysitters are supposed to help parents in taking care of their babies when they cannot do it alone. Many working women hire caretakers for their kids who take care of their kids at home whether their parents are at home or not. However, taking care of babies becomes more crucial when parents have to go somewhere and want to leave their kids with the caretaker. In this scenario, babysitters should know some contact numbers that they can call whenever there is an emergency.

 What is an emergency contact list of kids for babysitters?

It is a personalized list that includes the names and phone numbers of the people who can offer the best support and assistance in case of an emergency. This list is designed for the babysitter and responsible parents make sure that they always have this list and they issue it to the caretaker whenever they have to go out and leave their kid with them.

Who uses the emergency contact list?

In general, the person who has the job of taking care of kids asks their parents to provide them with a list of contacts to ensure the safety of the kid. Those who take care of kids know that there can be a situation in which a kid might need help. So, they try to prevent this situation and compile a list of contacts. Those who run a daycare center also collect emergency contacts and then compile them in the list to keep the contacts in the database of the daycare center.

How is using an emergency contact list useful?

An emergency contact list provides quick access to the contact numbers that are needed in case of an emergency. This list has a very specific purpose to provide phone numbers of people who can help the child when there is a type of mishap or accident.

The list becomes a permanent part of the database of a daycare center and it is very easy to retrieve it as and when the babysitter requires it. Some people prefer using mobile phones for storing contact numbers. Although it is a convenient way to store phone numbers, the phone can get lost or broken.

Therefore, contact numbers should be backed up at multiple places. In addition, using the contact number list will allow you to keep the data of every child separate and this will help you reach the relevant number quickly without panicking.

What information can be saved in an emergency contact list of kids for a babysitter?

The main information that the list of contact numbers that can be used in time of emergency includes:

  1. Phone number of parents of the kid
    1. Phone number of neighbors
    1. Complete address of the residence of the child
    1. Phone numbers of medical practitioners who give any sort of treatment to the child
    1. Phone numbers of the rescue team
    1. Phone numbers of any close relatives

These details are essential for a caretaker to have in his record so that he will not have to wait or look for contact numbers when it is really urgent.

When to use the emergency contact numbers?

As the name suggests, you can use this contact list whenever you will have to face any type of emergency. Some common situations that caretakers of the child usually have to face are:

  1. When a child has some medical condition that requires the doctors of the child to be contacted and seek medical assistance on an urgent basis. 
  2. When there is a fire breakout in the building or some other sort of accident such as a fight.
  3. When there is a natural disaster such as an earthquake and the child is scared and wants to be with his parents as soon as possible
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