Chiropractic Intake Form

The musculoskeletal system is an important system of our body that allows us to move about and stay mobile all our lives. Have you ever heard about chiropractors? No? No worries, let us introduce you to the term and then to the form that a chiropractor has to fill out before taking a patient.

This is an alternative medicine that has been brought into practice for ages now. This practice involves our musculoskeletal systems and the problems associated with them. Chiropractic is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of the disorders associated with our musculoskeletal system.

Spinal manipulation is the key factor in chiropractic medicine because it is believed that a lot of mechanical disorders occur due to subluxation of the vertebral column at any level. This method is called spinal manipulation therapy (SMT). Some other methods of treatment in chiropractic medicine involve the manipulation of joints and soft tissues around them.

Chiropractic has become an age-old practice and has been fully established in many regions of the world. It is very well-functioning in some parts of the United States. Other regions where this is practiced, involve Canada and Australia. This medicine is a hybrid of osteopathy and physical therapy. Many people from around the world who have back pains, especially lower back pains, seek a chiropractor for relief from their miserable pain.

As interesting as it seems, chiropractic medicine has quite an interesting history too. Chiropractic medicine was founded in 1890 by D.D. Palmer. He claimed that he received, or rather was blessed with, this knowledge from some other world and not from the usual medical practice or any of his searches. He put all his efforts into expanding this practice through the ideas of innate intelligence and subluxation theory.

Another important aspect of this practice is that it does not encourage the idea of vaccination. The practice believes in innate intelligence and immunity created with the help of this instinctive intelligence.

In recent years, all the efforts made by its founders have shown results, and today, chiropractic has gained legitimacy more acceptably, and we see many chiropractors practicing their medicine all over the world.

What is a chiropractic intake form, finally?

A chiropractic intake form is a kind of consent form in which the patient or the caretaker consents to the treatment offered to the patient. This form includes the information of the patient and also of the chiropractor. The patient’s complaints are also mentioned in the form. General information about the current health status is also assessed through several questions in the intake form.

In one of the columns provided in the form, the patient has to rate his pain from one to ten. It tells us what the patient’s perception of pain is. The activity level of the patient is also assessed through some questions in the form.

Chiropractic Intake Form

Sample Intake Form File: 38 KB

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