Child First Aid Kits

Medical emergencies can occur in every household. We being humans are very much vulnerable to cuts and injuries and many other types of mishaps. Children are most prone to such injuries because of their delicate being and tiny stature. But, most of the time they get these injuries because of their curious nature and exploratory minds which force them to go to the places in the house where they are not supposed to go or play.

Parents always take care of their little ones and before the baby comes into this unkind world, they already begin to make sure their house is all baby safe. They cover the stairs, cover the corners of the furniture, doors, walls, and whatnot just to make sure their tiny little beautiful new life doesn’t get an injury of any kind.

But, as the baby grows, he wants to go to these bars in front of the staircase, they still want to lock themselves up in the rooms alone and see how these parents prove themselves to be the best parents by rescuing their naughty kid. They still want to play with the knife and other sharps whenever they get a chance because the toys they get are not as attractive and exciting as these sharps.

Every household must have a child first aid kit

Keeping in view the potential harm and emergency that can occur at any time in life, it is always suggested that the first aid kit must be kept in every house. A child first aid kit helps in the management of acute minor injuries and emergencies which prevents any irreparable loss to the body or life of the baby.

Very simple items from the first aid kit are capable of preventing serious injury. For example, a simple bandage can prevent excessive blood loss and initiate the healing process as early as possible.

For these reasons, we must always prepare a child’s first aid kit and keep it in an approachable place in the house where we can find it in the hour of need.

What is included in the child’s first aid kit?

Now, the question arises, what do we need in the name of a first aid kit for our child?

We definitely don’t want to overstuff our kit with every other medicine that exists in this world. We just need basic medicines and first aid items that can help in the first-hand care of an emergency that happens to a child at home or on the road. So yes, you must keep one in your car also to be on the safer side.

A thermometer, safety pins, bandages, emergency blankets, antiseptic wipes, first aid manual, sticking tape, gloves, triangular bandages, scissors, forceps, gauze pieces, and antibiotic ointment all are part of the child first aid kit.

All these items must be kept safely with proper labels and the date of expiry must be mentioned in bold letters. This will help in the easy replacement of expired items in the first aid kit.

Household Child First Aid Kit Checklist Template
Child first aid kit template

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