Hospital Birth Certificates

The birth of a baby means we have to be called for a number of procedures and documentation. These procedures and documentation are a must for the sake of a country’s rules and regulations. A hospital makes sure every single detail of the birthing is mentioned in the documents.

One of the many important documents a hospital issue to the new parents is the birth certificate. A birth certificate must always be issued for every birth that takes place in a hospital.

What is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate according to the definition is the record that verifies that a birth has taken place. So, a birth certificate is the written proof of the fact that a baby is born and all the details of the baby are mentioned in the birth certificate.

The birth certification was an age-old practice and it is said that it was already practiced in the old civilizations like China, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and Persia. It was mainly done for the purpose of census and taxation as well as to have as much military and manpower as possible. In ancient England, these certifications were done by the churches, and by the beginning of the 19th century, documentation and birth certification was a compulsory act and the government of any country has been responsible to make sure that birth certificates are issued for each and every child ever since.

Details of a birth certificate

  1. Birth certificate details are almost similar in every government with only slight changes specific to each country. Birth certificates are sometimes filled in the form of types or printed form but it is preferred that certificates like these are handwritten.
  2. The reason for this is the utter need for accurate details. Details about all the events of the birth and the outcome of the birth are mentioned in the birth certificate.
  3. It will be useful to mention the details of the birth certificates issued by the hospital to make are an easy document to understand.
  4. The hospital birth certificates begin with the particulars of the mother and father. It means that the complete names of both parents are mentioned at the beginning of a birth certificate along with their contact details and address.
  5. In the second section, we have to mention the details of the mode of delivery of the newborn. We always mention if the baby was born via normal vaginal delivery or a caesarian section.
  6. The gender of the baby is the most important part of the hospital birth certificate because this is a matter of extreme sensitivity.
  7. The date of birth, time of birth, and condition of the baby in the form of APGAR score are also mentioned in the birth certificate. These details are important to mention because a certificate must contain the date of birth and also the time of birth because tens of babies are born on the same date or hour in the same hospital. We need to maintain the identity of each child when he or she is born.
Hospital birth certificate template

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