Medical Equipment Request Form

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Medical equipment request form is used by hospitals to request for medical equipment from the higher authorities. Health institutes need to be well-equipped all-round the year in order to provide different health related services to individuals. Various types of medical equipment are required for a number of purposes including routine medical examinations, diagnostic tests and medical treatment. A medical equipment request form can be used in case the existing equipment breaks down or becomes obsolete. In addition, new equipment may also be requested through this form by hospitals which either lacked it earlier or are expanding.


Equipment Request Form

A medical equipment request form is filled out to provide details about the required items. The applicant also needs to provide information about the health organization which requires the equipment. The contact information of the concerned department or individual must be provided correctly. This helps the organization receiving the application to make contact for verification of the request and to find out more details about it.

The format of most medical equipment request forms includes sections for brief but important details about the requested items. All the sections must be filled out with correct information. The applicant must clearly state the type of equipment needed. In addition, it is also important to provide a justification for the request. This helps the higher authorities in processing the request properly. The provider needs to know the valid reasons for which an expensive piece of equipment is being requested. For this purpose, a separate section has been provided on most of such forms.

medical equipment request form

Medical Equipment Request Form
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