Free Child Care Log Template

Child care log is a template that is used by a babysitter or child care center to log all the details about different things related to a child. This log is used by the babysitter to record the time and various activities of the child when the parents are away. This log includes the name of the child, the date and time and place of babysitting. The childcare log in consisting of many columns related to eating and other activities of the child recorded over a time slot of half hour. These eating activities include breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or anything else eaten or drunk. Also this log included different activities that include bathing, diaper change, nap, indoor and outdoor activities, tooth brushing and watching TV or videos. This log also includes child’s milestones and mediation information. This log can also be used by school and daycare providers.

The given free child care log template can be printed by writing the name of the child and then can be filled as the time passes. This log also has some space for special notes that are related to different issues that can be discussed later with the parents. The child care log can be printed for a week to track the child’s activities. Once the babysitting session is over after a week or month, the same template duly filled by the child day care is handed over to the parents or guardian. This way you will know that what were the activities of your child during this period and where to resume for taking care of your child.


Free Child care log

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