Field Trip Permission Slip Form Template

Different field trips to various places situated outside the premises of a school are considered to be a very important adjunct of classroom environment and instruction, as these trips provide an opportunity to the teachers to extend and enrich the learning experiences of all students. Field trip permission slip are said to be a compulsory requirement for students who want to be a part of these field trips.

Generally the said slip is sent to student home by the school management or concerned teacher and asked to be filled out by the guardian or parent and returned to school by the concerned student. It can be considered to use as school permission slipĀ and it referred asĀ permission slip template. Just in case the original field trip permission slip is lost due to any reason, a general form can be used as a substitute in an effective way.


Field trip permission slip is mainly consisting of two sections. The first section contains the information about the trip and is for information of students and the parents while the second section is about information of the going students and is returned to school after duly filling out by the parents. The first section includes location of the trip, date of the trip, time for the trip, transportation mean for the trip, cost of the trip, important notes, and the things to bring with.

The second section includes emergency information about the student such as in case of emergency the person to contact, his contact number and any special instructions to follow in case of emergency. This slip is duly filled and signed by the parent or guardian. The field trip template given here serves the purpose in a professional way.

Here is a preview of field trip permission slip form template:

Field trip permission slip form template

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