Babysitter Instructions Form Template

Babysitter instructions form template is a paper including all the necessary details about the children and instruction about how to deal with the children that is handed over to a babysitter when you need to leave your children with them. Most of the time babysitting is required when you are going away from your children and you need someone to take good care of your children.

Babysitter instructions form template includes name of the children, where you can be found, what would be the address and phone number of the place and what would be expected time of your return to home. Further instructions include information about meals and snacks, diapers, activities, bedtime schedule, allergies, medications, hiding places and favorite games or toys. This template also includes emergency information, medical information and authorization to received medication or home based treatment if required at any time. This template also includes space for any additional information if you want to provide.

Above all, you should also include the name and contact numbers of your reliable neighbors and family friends or relatives or any other people who can provide valuable help in case of any emergency of problem. Important emergencies numbers like rescue, fire brigade etc should also be mentioned on the template and if possible do mention the numbers of the restaurant, movie theater where you could do when away. Once the babysitter instructions template is completed, do review the information mentioned with the sitter to make him or her thorough understanding of the information given. The people who need form for babysitter can also make use of this template.


Here is a preview of the babysitter instructions form template:

Babysitter instructions form template

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