Doctor Excuse Note for Work Absence


Please accept the excuse from work by [Employee Name]. He has been suffering from a bad throat and severe chest infection for five days. His test reports show that he has got pneumonia. Therefore, he is unable to come to the office until he gets complete his recovery.

With this note find the attached medical report of the patient. I have prescribed two weeks of complete bed rest with a proper diet and relaxation of mind. He needs proper care and a soothing environment to have a normal life again. I hope you will understand and accept his leave so that he can rest without stress.

Note -2

Hi, this is to inform you that [Employee Name] has been working in your firm for five years and has been suffering from a liver problem. His blood reports are not good and need special medical care. Moreover, his health does not allow him to bear a hectic routine. He needs complete bed rest and care. Therefore, you can grant him leave for about three weeks. There are also attached medical reports tested and signed by me.

Note -3

It is hereby informed that [Employee Name] got a heart attack and was in observation for the last two days. Now he is better, and we advised complete bed rest for at least two weeks. He needs proper rest without stress. Although he is out of danger still, he needs care. I am attaching ECG and other cardiac reports to satisfy you so you can accept his leave and allow two weeks’ holiday. Thanks for your cooperation and keep praying for his good health.

Note -4

Hi, I am writing this sick leave message for the [Name Here] who has been working in your firm for three years. She got a c-section three months back and got some infection in her stitches. Due to this she is feeling pain and needs treatment. She will not able to come for three weeks as I am prescribing a minor surgery and complete bed rest after the operation. I need your cooperation and accept her leave so that she gets healing and do not get the problem again. I assure you that she will manage her work again and meet your work expectations.

Note -5

Hi, I want to inform you about the severe illness of [Name Here]. He is my patient for the last year. His kidney treatment is going on. He is courageous and faces his problem courageously. He never realized to his staff that he has a bad kidney problem but now his kidneys are in poor condition and require proper treatment. He needs complete bed rest as well as doctor care.

Therefore, I have advised him to stay in the hospital for proper treatment and care. Therefore, I request you to kindly manage his work and allow him two weeks’ leave. As soon as he will be fine, he will join and hold his duties again. I have attached his ultrasound, blood, and urine reports with this note.

Doctor Excuse Note for Work Absence
Doctor Excuse Note for Work Absence

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