Authorization To Release Healthcare Information Form

Authorization to release healthcare information can be given by any patient to his healthcare provider for different purposes. These purposes include research and information for other patients or general public. In research purposes a patient generally offers himself as a test case and gives his doctor the authorization to release healthcare information. In other case, this healthcare information is used to help other patients and to explain the relevant health information. Since personal healthcare information of any patient is something very secret and the medical provider cannot disclose or share this information without prior approval and authorization of the concerned patient, therefore a proper form is used in case authorization to release healthcare information is required. This form generally contains the information about the patient name, contact details, and authorization to specific or complete healthcare information. It is also mentioned about sexually transmitted diseases that whether they should be disclosed or not. Healthcare information technology is also a modern day topic to study.

The content of authorization written on the form must be in plain simple language. And once the authorization form is signed, a copy of the same is given to signee. There is no hard and fast rules that who will draft this authorization form so anyone including researcher or the doctor can draw this form. If the authorization is for research studies, this authorization form works as consent by the patient to participate in a research study and in that case some description of the study, risk and benefits involved in study should be mentioned properly. It should also be mentioned that how the information will be kept confidential during research studies.



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Authorization to release healthcare information

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