Internal Medicine Progress Notes

Progress notes

The effects of medicines given to the patient in the hospital are required to be monitored regularly. The physician who is concerned about the health of patient should keep an eye on the progress in the health of patient due to the use of internal medicine. After looking at internal medicine progress report, the doctor can decide whether or not to continue the medicine.

Tips for writing the progress report

It is very important to write an effective progress report so that the patient can be given the right and best treatment which is his right. The doctors can treat the patient well when they are focused on the health condition of the patient.

The treatment type and drugs that are being administered can be changed according to the report. Here are a few tips that can be helpful for you in writing a good and useful internal medicine progress report.

  1. Keep the progress notes brief:

It should always be kept in mind that the progress notes are written very concisely. They are usually comprised of one page. No doctor can spend time reading long and irrelevant details written in the progress notes.

Therefore, it is good to keep these notes short. The main purpose of these notes is to make the doctor aware of the health status of the patient which can be done easily by adding relevant information in the report.

  1. Add appropriate information:

All such information should be provided that can be sufficient for the doctor to make certain necessary decisions regarding patient such as whether or not to:

  1. Discharge the patient
  2. Continue the medicine
  3. Change the medicine
  4. Conduct the surgery
  5. Refer to another specialist doctor

3. Maintain the privacy of the patient:

It is very necessary to maintain the privacy of the patient. You should not include the private information about the patient in the notes. You can also ask the patient about the type of information he/she wants to keep confidential. For example, many patients don’t want the information about their disease to be disclosed.


Sample Preview


Internal medicine progress note

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Internal medicine progress note

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Internal medicine progress note

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Internal medicine progress note

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Internal medicine progress note


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