Weight Loss Chart with Prizes

Tanya Masson said it correctly, “Taking care of yourself, taking time for yourself and rewarding yourself is not selfish, it is important and absolutely necessary”

One hundred percent correct. We can’t care for the people around us if we are unable to take care of ourselves. We need a constant dose of appreciation and acknowledgment for what we are doing. Many a time, we expect this appreciation from others. We look upon our loved ones to make us feel worthy, to validate our standing and feelings of being good enough.

You may not always be lucky enough to get that sort of peers. Most of the times, people disappoint you in terms of appreciating and boosting your self-esteem. What can one do in such circumstances?? Should they sit in darkness mourning on what their loved ones made them feel??


No, not at all. An internal source of motivation is an eternal source of motivation. It is a permanent solution to all your insecurities and omits all the doubts you make about yourself. Self- motivation is a highly effective method to achieve anything in life.

Importance of self-motivation in weight loss journey

People may not agree to this but in my opinion, weight loss journey requires the same level of energy and motivation as conquering a kingdom. Since it is a long journey and requires determination and consistency long before the results begin to appear, people tend to lose their motivation and quit from their aim.

A very effective way of staying motivated among others is a reward. The reward is beautiful, it is encouraging, and it keeps you going even harder. When we reward ourselves after achieving s milestone, it gives us encouragement to take the next step. Taking small steps, one after another, rewarding yourself, one day you realize that you have achieved your main aim.

That’s how rewarding yourself in weight loss journey unknowingly gets you through. It appears effortless in spite of a lot of input and you never feel tired or like giving up.

Weight loss chart with prizes

So, we suggest that you make a weight loss chart in which you set your goals to be achieved in a set period of time, set a reward for each little achievement and move forward.

There is a number of ways by which you can self-reward. For the beginning, you can reward by getting yourself a smaller size dress, a yoga mat, or a new pair of joggers.

You can also reward yourself with a nice dinner out, a movie night or music night.

You can pamper yourself with a salon treatment; get a good massage or meditation. Whatever appeals you should be in your list and keep doing that at the end of each achievement.

Just write your current weight, height, and gender at the top and fill the columns by mentioning your goal weight.

After that, write your goal weight and pre-decide the reward on the achievement of the goal.

You feel your moral is boosted after two or three rewards and then you will never want to stop.

Weight loss chart with prize template

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