Weight Loss Chart Template

Unfortunately, uncontrolled weight gain is becoming a rising problem all over the world and becoming the cause of major morbidity and mortality.

It is the leading danger to the health of mankind and is increasing due to the increasingly sedentary lifestyle. In this overwhelming situation, health professionals took over the situation and started a massive awareness campaign against the loss of activity and the harmful effects of obesity.

Now the situation is that weight loss is an ever-increasing field both in terms of economy and business.  We find tens of fitness training centers in our vicinity. They claim to help you lose weight and keep track of your health too.

You can also keep a weight loss chart if you are trying to shed those extra pounds yourself.

Benefits of keeping a weight loss chart

 A weight loss chart if kept properly and regularly is beneficial in many ways.

  1. It gives you a kick start with just a glance at your current weight.
  2. It proves to be a very good dose of motivation to keep you going on the track.
  3. It gives you the effects of certain food and exercise on your weight and specific areas of the body. In this way, you can increase or decrease the amount of intake of food and the quality of food.
  4. You can also bring necessary changes to your workout routine by making a conclusion of your chart.

How a weight loss chart is maintained?

A weight loss chart needs little explanation for certain measurements because there are some chances of subjective error which can result in inaccurate results and wrong interpretations.

It is recommended that you should update the weight loss chart every month but it basically depends on your own personal ease.

Write the date and time at which you are taking your first-ever measurements. Experts say that you should always measure at the same specific time of the day every time. For example, if you weigh at 5 pm today, measure again at 5 pm after one month. Similarly, it is also said that weighing early in the morning first thing, empty stomach after coming back from the washroom is the best time to weigh yourself every time. After weighing yourself, note it down on your weight loss chart.

Measurements of chest

It is a bit technical and one has to be careful while measuring. The measuring tape must be of stretchable plastic and you should not over-stretch or overlap the tape too much. This gives the wrong measurement.

Measurement of waist

Again, this is a tricky measurement and must ideally be taken at two or three points in males and females respectively. In males, you can take two measurements one at the narrowest point of the waist and the second below the umbilicus. In females take three measurements at least. One at the umbilicus and two measurements above and below it are to be taken.

Measurement of hips

The basic prerequisites are the same and the site is where there is the maximum diameter of your hips.

Don’t forget to mention your comments at the end which help in further strategy of weight loss.


Weight loss chart template

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