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Health care is the basic right of every individual residing on the planet Earth. People belong to different backgrounds, different ethnic and racial groups, different cultural and religious beliefs, and an entirely different world sometimes. None of these things change the fact that healthcare is the right of every individual.

Then some people are unable to reach healthcare facilities or healthcare centers on their own. Again, such people are still entitled to health facilities and better living standards concerning health. Such individuals have the option to avail themselves of the home healthcare facility.

What is home healthcare?

By home healthcare, we mean that a deserving individual receives all the services that come under the definition of healthcare, sitting in his place. Some people are bedridden due to injury, aging, or any other reason. They do need health care from a professional, but they are unable to go to the hospital every day for basic things. In such a situation, home healthcare services have been introduced, and several hospitals offer this service if the applicant falls within their policies and criteria.

Who is entitled to home healthcare services?

As stated earlier, a person who is injured, bedridden, elderly, and unable to receive healthcare services in the hospital is entitled to home healthcare services.

What are the expenses of home healthcare services?

Home healthcare services are usually very expensive. Since the health care person comes in person to provide you and assist you in professionally maintaining a healthy life standard, they usually charge you a lot for all these services. However, these services are equally effective and professional as those in hospitals.

What services come under home healthcare services?

Several healthcare professional services are provided under the umbrella of home healthcare services. Some of the most common and frequently used services are:

  1. Skilled nursing care can be intermittent nursing care or part-time nursing care
  2. Services by a physiotherapist offering physiotherapy at home
  3. Occupational therapy services also fall under the category of home healthcare services
  4. Speech and language therapy services in which people are treated for their speech and language issues at home
  5. Medical services are also provided as home healthcare services
  6. Social services for people with special needs
  7. People with special needs may also need home aide services, in which they are assisted in personal care and hands-on care by the health care providers at home.

Home healthcare log

The kind of services we are going to discuss here in this home healthcare log are the personal, hands-on care services provided at home.

  1. This log begins with the name of the client and the employee who has been given the task of providing this home healthcare service.
  2. Personal care services include housekeeping, dusting, vacuuming, laundry, bathing, showering, and grooming.
  3. All the above-mentioned services are marked every day in the log, which is then calculated at the end of the week.
Home Healthcare Log

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