Psychiatric Sick Note for Work Absence


Hi, our client is taking treatment from the hospital. She was admitted the day before yesterday when she got a severe mental attack. She is in severe stress and not feeling well. Our team of psychiatrists strongly recommends the full care and medical assistance until her recovery. It is requested to accept her leave from the office for at least two weeks. She is getting treatment under our inpatient department. She needs full cooperation. Hope you understand and accept her leave so that she will able to manage her routine duties efficiently.


It is to inform you that your worker [Name Here] is not feeling well. She got severe mental attacks. She loses control and misbehaves. It is all because of the stress she got due to the sudden death of her parents. She needs special attention and medical treatment to accept reality. Her treatment is ongoing in our center and we recommend about one-week rest and care without any duty. Therefore, it is requested to accept her leave.


Hi, I want to inform you that your employee [NAME] who has been working in your firm for more than five years is not feeling well. He has been suffering from schizophrenia disorder a severe type of mental illness that does not allow the person to concentrate on his work. He got this sickness due to some personal issues at home. The severe depression leads to his condition towards the disease. He needs proper medical care and rest. Therefore, I have prescribed him at least one month’s rest with proper medical assistance. I hope you understand and accept the leave of your hardworking employee. It is my assurance he will come back with normal health and will manage all his work efficiently.



It is certified that with proper examination and test report I have diagnosed that the employee [Name] is suffering from delusional disorder. It is the mental disease in which a person starts believing in false things and suffer from delusions. Due to this reason, he is unable to focus on work or routine activities. He needs proper medical assistance as well as rest. In peaceful rest state patient get relaxation to start coming to the normal life. Therefore, to attain back his normal mental health I have prescribed at least two-week rest without work stress. In this way, he will surely be fine and will manage his work and routine life in the best way.

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Hello, I am writing this message for the patient [Name] who has been part of your company for many years. Last year, he got some psychiatric issues due to issues between him and his wife. He started drinking and got a habit of taking drugs. Now the condition has become so worst that he is remaining depressed and feeling severe anxiety. He needs proper treatment. We have shifted him to the rehabilitation center so that we can treat and trying that he comes to his normal life. Although it is against your company rule that you can’t accept such workers who have a habit of drinking or taking drugs, yet I request you to give him a chance after his treatment. Accept a leave for one month and he will surely come back like a responsible man.

Simi Karton

Simi Karton is a regular contributor to National Science Quarterly and an enthusiastic Lakers fan. She recently collaborated on a manuscript with friends and colleagues. Dr. Simi Karton, entitled Parkinsons and the Genetic Response to Eastern Medicine, in which she and Dr. Inshal presented research compiled during a summer spent in United States. She currently resides in Los Angeles with her husband. This website is a voluntary work of Dr. Karton to provide people with useful health related information stuff at an easy approach. The information has been collected from different sources at one place.

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