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Medical forms are official medical records. These documents are to be filled and signed by the patient, the next of kin or the emergency contact provided by the patient.

The filling of the medical form purely depends on the situation the patient is in. These medical forms are issued by the patient’s physician and consist of the medical issue with the patient. The treatment required, details of any type of tests performed, the medicines issued among other treatment-related information.

The medical records are used to keep records and create medical history. These forms are used in further medical treatments, for medical claims at the workplace, applications for leave from the workplace or school among other legal uses.

There are different types of medicals forms for different situations. These forms include medical release forms, which need to be filled when a patient previously admitted in the hospital is allowed to leave the hospital, for example, due to patients’ complete recovery.

Another type of medical form is issued when a patient is receiving treatment which explains the condition and the treatment the patient is to receive.

Other types of medical forms include legal options to authorize or unauthorized medical treatment. The patient may sign a form to allow their trusted family, guardian or friend to make legal choices regarding the patients’ medical treatment.

Furthermore, a patient may fill a form to direct the doctor on some aspects regarding their medical treatment for example if a person goes under some surgery which is not successful, the patient may request for no further treatment.

Another example is if a patient with a life-threatening disease is advised for medical treatment, the patient is allowed to deny the treatment. These are legal forms regarding a patient’s life which are signed by the patient or his next of kin to allow or prevent medical treatment.

In some cases where the patient is under-aged, the parents are expected to take care of the all the medical forms. This includes consent forms regarding any kind of medical treatment whether it includes any type of surgery or not.

Another case where the patient may not be asked for consent are patients with mental illnesses. They cannot be trusted to understand and make proper decisions, therefore, the next of kin are trusted to make the decisions for the patient. Furthermore, the consent lies in the hands of the person written down as an emergency contact in case the patient brought in for treatment is unconscious.

Insurance companies issue a form for potential customers to fill to check eligibility before health insurance is permitted to people. This form includes information regarding the medical history of the insurance purchasing party. Questions regarding heart disease, lung disease or any other medical problems and treatments performed on the person need to be filled out as insurance companies do not just sell their services to anyone and everyone.

Medical forms must be submitted so that the personal medical history can be verified by the health insurance company.

Patient Health History Questionnaires

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Medical Consent Forms

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