Oral Surgery Referral Form

Facial reconstruction has changed the picture of diseases of head and neck management. Oral surgery includes the surgery of the jaws, mouth, and surrounding areas of the face. This specialty has got international recognition. People who have graduated in dentistry are eligible for this specialization. We have seen hundreds of amazing doctors with uncanny skills in oral surgery. Oral surgery is nowadays also done for cosmetic reasons. Apart from that, people who need oral surgery may have suffered severe accidents, carcinoma, and congenital malformations.

Oral surgery is always performed by a specialist so if a dentist finds out about the need, he must refer this patient to the concerned doctor. For referral, he needs to fill out a proper referral form so that the receiving doctor knows everything about the patient and the reason for which the patient is being referred.

Oral surgery referral form details

Oral surgery referral forms can be handwritten and electronically generated forms are also used now. Whatever the mode of your referral is, you need to mention all the necessary details of the patient.

To make it easy to understand the form, we are listing down the details.

  1. The first thing to be seen on the form is the date of referral. This is an important part of the referral form because only then the receiving doctor will have an idea of the situation of the patient.
  2. The patient’s personal details are also mentioned in the referral form. By the personal details of the patient, we mean the name of the patient, his or sir name, gender, or any forename that the patient prefers to use. We mean to establish the correct identity of the patient.
  3. If the patient has a CHI number, we need to mention that as well.
  4. The date of birth of the patient is important because we are interested in knowing the age of the patient and assessing the prognosis, time of recovery, and the outcome of the surgery. We also get help in establishing the identity of the patient.
  5. Contact details and address is another important part of the oral surgery referral form.
  6. If the patient has any language barrier, we need to mention this in the referral form.
  7. In some referral forms, we are already provided with the reasons for which we are referring to the patient. We simply have to check the box for carcinoma, accident, or whatever the condition is. If not, we can write down the reason for the referral.
  8. In the next sections, we have to elaborate on the history of the patient along with the treatment given before referral. If it was an emergency, we need to mention how this emergency was managed and why this patient still needs oral surgery.
  9. We also have to mention if the patient is mobile or needs mobility assistance. These questions are important to answer because all of them give information about the general condition of the patient and the receiving clinic makes up its management plan quickly.
  10. In the end, the referring doctor signs this referral form and sends it to the oral surgery clinic.
Oral Surgery Referral Form
Oral Surgery Referral Form

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