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Patient Discharge Form

    A patient discharge form includes all the details relating to a patient’s history during his or her stay at the hospital. The discharge form can be used as proof in your working area to show that you were ill and were unable to attend the office.

    A discharge form contains information about the patient’s diagnosis, treatment, and medication records. Sometimes it is also called a patient discharge slip. It also acts as proof that you have been treated for a certain time.

    What does the discharge form have?

    The discharge form enlists the following details about a patient:

    1. Diagnosis: During a patient’s course of hospitalization, different diagnostic studies are carried out. These studies help doctors conclude what happened to the patient.
    2. Treatment: In light of the diagnosis, the treatments that were carried out are mentioned.
    3. Surgeries: Surgeries are mentioned if any kind of surgery is performed.
    4. Result: The result of different treatments given and surgeries (if any) is mentioned therein.
    5. Consultation notes: The discharge form includes any consultation notes from a doctor who may have visited you during hospitalization.
    6. Medicines: The discharge form will include medication prescribed by the doctor for follow-up.
    7. Date: The date of discharge is also mentioned.

    Without the discharge form, no patient can leave the hospital. Every single patient is required to clear off his or her hospital dues to get discharged. The hospital authorities have a right to cancel discharge if someone’s dues are not cleared.

    A copy of the discharge form is also kept by the hospital for either reference purposes or record-keeping. Apart from the above-mentioned details, the discharge form also includes the full address of the hospital with contact details. This is needed for verification purposes, either by offices or schools. A person’s reason for admission to the hospital is also stated. The stamp of the medical officer is also present on the form.

    God forbid, if a person at a later stage in life experiences the same issues, he or she can present this form, through which the doctor will be able to get an understanding of the patient’s history and guide him in the right manner.

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