Occupational Health Assessment Form

Health assessment forms are used by organizations when they are trying to measure the fitness of a specific person to be able to work in a particular position. These days, the use of these forms has become very common, as they are considered to be very useful.

What is an occupational health assessment form?

Employers use the occupational health assessment form to assess the health of a person they are going to hire for a particular position. These forms are used depending on the workplace conditions, as they are very helpful for people who want to hire candidates who are capable of working so that they don’t have to start the tough and time-consuming recruitment process again and again.

How is the professional health assessment form used?

It is important to remember that those companies that use this form make sure that they use it as a part of the recruitment process, as it is useful to use it once a person has been hired because it is of no use to determine fitness at a later stage. Therefore, it is important to use it at an early stage.

What is the purpose of using the health assessment form for a newly hired candidate?

The primary objective of using this form for an organization is to make sure that the person they have chosen to work in a specific position is capable of carrying out the day-to-day activities of the position he has been recruited for, and he is also mentally fit to take on the pressure of work.

With the help of this form, the company can also make sure that it has taken all the preventive measures that it should have taken to protect the employees at the workplace. In some cases, the company can also confirm if the candidate has any type of disability.

What is the basic information to be provided in the form?

This form captures the information needed by an employer to determine the level of fitness of a worker in the company. Many such details vary depending on the conditions of the company. However, a few elements are the same. Some of the common details that one can expect to see are:

Basic information about the employee:

The first part of the form is for introductory details of the employee, such as his name, contact details, date of birth, gender, etc. These pieces of information help a company quickly identify an employee.

Medical history of the employee:

A medical history is not useful only for doctors before giving the necessary treatment to patients. Many employers also need it so that they can know if the workplace is a safe place for the employee.

The employees also come to know to what extent the employee is going to be a healthy part of the company. For instance, if the employer comes to know that the employee is suffering from a chronic disease, he can expect to raise the healthcare allowance to the employee’s salary.

Exposure to hazards:

Many people suffer from hazards in the workplace. They are asked to mention them in the form because it will give the employer an idea of how other employees can be prevented from such accidents in the future and how the workplace can be a place for everyone.

Immunization details:

Immunization tells us to what extent the employee is safe for his co-workers. Immunization details include the names of the diseases for which the employee has been vaccinated; the names of the vaccines are also required to be provided.

Confidentiality and consent:

The medical and health details of the workers always need to be kept confidential, as it is the right of every person to decide whether to share their health information with anyone or not. A company hiring a person should take care of it and tell the employee that the data he has provided will be in safe hands. If it is to be shared with someone, the company should obtain consent from the candidate.

Occupational Health Assessment Form

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