Child Growth Chart

As a parent, you are always concerned about the health and normal growth of your child. To keep an eye out for any red alerts in the growth and well-being of your baby or child, you should get your infant or toddler regularly examined by the pediatrician. You also need to keep a record of those physical examinations for further consultation if required.

When you visit your pediatrician, he/she would give you a chart in the form of a graph with curves identifying the normal growth rate for a baby or child of a particular age. After every examination, the doctor or the nurse would mark the measurement of your child against the normal graph with reference to the age of your child so you can evaluate the growth of your child.

The physical growth examination consists of the following measurements :

  • The circumference of the head
  • The weight of the child
  • The length of the child

During the first year, you need to get these measurements recorded every month. But after that, these measurements are taken every six months. The tenure for this child growth chart is from the first month your baby is born up till he/she is 5 years old typically but if your doctor advises you this chart can be maintained for a longer time as well.

child growth chart template

This is a very easy way to point out if your child is becoming obese or malnutrition, or if he/she is developing other growth abnormalities that should be catered to instantly to avoid permanent damage.

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